Selmak's Humour

I feel like I'm in a bad movie ~ Sel's Boy Toys behind Bars ~ Bra'tac

Dear Sel - For advice about everyday problems, drop an email to Sel.

Dear Dad - For help understanding Sel's advice, contact Jake Carter.

Jake or Selmak - Who's running the show at a given moment.

Jake's Many Injuries - Do you lose track of how many time Jake's been hurt?

Jake's Stylin'- Tok'Ra Symbiotes Eyes for the Host Guy.

The Missing Scenes - When Jake finally met Bra'tac, Sel dropped a bomb on him.

Sel goes to a Con - Sel goes to her first SciFi con and meets Don and Tony.

Santa Symbiote - Sel meets the Big Guy in a Red Suit.

A Tok'Ra Christmas - The Tok'Ra try to celebrate Christmas.

Jake & Sel's Book of Ascendancy
- Drop a note congratulating our ascendants.

Post Card from Sel
- Sel the Galactic Traveler sends post cards.

The Ascension Project - Our Low Budget Protest.

Afterhours - What Sel does in her free time.

Selmak does Shore Leave 2006 - and she meets George & Ruby.

Ms. Tok'Ra Resistance - A noble yet fatally flawed attempt at winning the Creation Con Centerpiece Contest.

Symbiote Haikus by Sel's Friend Moth1.