Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks

Garland Briggs is not having a good day. First he gets major-napped by a white beam of light, and then the USAF appears not to sharing his high ethical standards. After a long night of staring at the Owl Cave drawings, he decides that he needs to take a nice, long walk in the forest to clear his head.

Silly, silly Major Briggs! This is Twin Peaks!

Spidey sense tingles    
Sees a nice tree    
A horse is a horse of course, unless it's the famous talking Mr. Ed....
   The Major then gets Darted by the Horse of Many Spots.
Episode 27
  The drugged dart takes effect.   
Major Briggs is seriously wishing that he didn't go for a walk, and instead had gone for a piece of pie.     
 Well that's rather kinky.

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