Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks

Garland Briggs is a USAF Major who is involved with several Top Secret Projects including the Blue Book Projects (UFOs). He and Agent Cooper were night fishing when a bright light appeared and Major Briggs disappears.

Briggs has returned from his brief sojourn, been USAF-napped by the USAF and returns to the police station to continue his discussion with Truman and Cooper. But he makes a rather dramatic reappearance.

Briggs returns to the police department.  
but he's looking distinctively unwell.   
Major Briggs, believing that 'You're not in uniform without your cover' puts on his hat before he speaks to Lucy.    
Episode 21
 Before he passes out.   
After a few glasses of water served by Lucy, Briggs confesses that he's unsure if the USAF is worth his personal loyalty. Until he can make that decision, he'll be in "The Shadows".     

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