Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks

Garland Briggs is a USAF Major who is involved with several Top Secret Projects including the Blue Book Projects (UFOs). He and Agent Cooper were night fishing when a bright light appeared and Major Briggs disappears.

Bobby Briggs comes home and his mother is waiting in the dark, fearing for her husband since his disappearance. Bobby tries to tell her it's just a normal incident, but Mrs. Briggs disagrees. There is a loud thunder storm overhead, lightning flashes and Major Briggs appears, strangely dressed in the uniform of an aviator.

Lightning flashes     
and it's the Now You See him when before you didn't    
Major Garland Briggs, rather nattily attired.     
    Loving family reunion.
Episode 19
  Bobby, make me a cocktail. Make it a strong one.   
 Just love, love, love those boots and the leather jacket.    

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