Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

Can Teal'c fool Bra'tac?

Junior squeaks while Bra'tac takes him for a walk.

Bra'tac tells Sam about another birthday.

RENOUNCE Apophis! He wears too much eyeshadow!

Season 5 ~ Threshold

When we left "Enemies", Teal'c had been brainwashed by old Burnt Face.

MY BOY JACOB: Jack. You got his body back. Getting his mind back may not be as easy.

So the two of us dropped off the gang, and then Jacob made me LEAVE! I wanted to stay and say "HI" to Bra'tac, my favorite piece of Jaffa eye candy. What can I say, it's the goatee, the wink, the smile, the cape. oh what a hunk.

Naturally, Pookie got jealous, and he made me leave. He's gonna have a real tough time dealing with that little revelation about Bra'tac and Saroosh when I finally decide to lay that bomb on him. Tee hee. Tee hee.

What? WHAT? ~ Jake

Never mind, Pookie, you go back to piloting the ship. Anyway, Hammond being brilliant (and a piece of Tau'ri Eye Candy) decides to call in Bra'tac. Teal'c may be able to lie to his friends, but can he lie to Bra'tac?

Bra'tac gives Teal'c the once over, shines a bright light in his eye, and informs everyone that Teal'c has deceived them all. He's a Bad Guy! They Zat Teal'c and then they grab Junior who squeaks away.

Just to let you know, you can't zat Jake to grab me like that, and I'm rather ticklish, so I wouldn't squeak like that anyway.

No, you're a lot shriller.


Are too. ~ Jake


Are too! ~ Jake

Anyway, Bra'tac decides that the only way to save Teal'c is by sending him to the very edge of death. At the very precipice of death, the events of one's life wash over oneself and they hope that Teal'c will be able to break Apophis' hold. They ask if it's ever been tried.

Bra'tac - "Twice ... in my hundred and thirty seven years", and then he admits that it wasn't successful.

Oh! Bra'tac mentions his age again. And. he had a birthday! I hope he got the card I sent.

It got returned to sender. I forgot to put a stamp on it. ~ Jake


Anyway, back to the story. Teal'c is in the infirmary, Bra'tac's having an intense discussion with Janet Frasier, who ain't happy and Junior's just being a slimy slug in a big tank, doing nothing, taking up space and being a.

Selmak! Back to the story, please. I'm getting older by the minute. ~ Jake

Everyone's talking to Teal'c who's being really nasty. He called Bra'tac a Shol'va and he told O'Neill that he was just pretending to be his friend.

Bra'tac's chatting with Teal'c when Teal'c's has an acid flashback of the very first time that Apophis fried his brain. He screams in pain, everyone wants to drug him to ease his pain and Master Bra'tac is saying, no, that they should speak to him. Janet Frasier still isn't happy but Bra'tac requests that she trusts him.

An uncertain moment, and Bra'tac asks that someone stay with Teal'c while he sleeps, as he needs to meditate. On his way to the VIP quarters, Bra'tac admits that he's getting older and that shortly, he will die.

Sam: I hope you understand how difficult it is for us to just stand by while Teal'c is in such obvious agony. Especially Doctor Frasier.

Master Bra'tac: Humans concern themselves too much with pain.

Sam: Yes, and we also don't approve of torture.

Master Bra'tac: The greater torture would be to leave him as he is. Teal'c is strong ... stronger than I.

Sam: Oh, I don't know ... you're the fittest 137 year old I know.

Master Bra'tac: (Laughs) Perhaps, but I am nearing the end of my time. Kel'No'Reem is getting more and more difficult. The symbiote I carry will mature within 2 years ... it will be my last.

NO!!! Not Bra'tac! ~ Sel the Fangrrrrl

Sam: Why?

Master Bra'tac: Even if I could procure another, the new symbiote would reject me. It is how old warriors die.

Sam: Well, maybe we can find some way to help you, I mean ...

Master Bra'tac: Life for the sake of life means nothing ... neither for me or Teal'c. Do you understand?

Sam: I think I do.

Teal'c has a few more flashbacks of when he rebelled against Apophis and then he remembers when he was newly appointed First Prime to Apophis. He had been surprised because Bra'tac hadn't been happy with the news.

Well... Duh... you just took his job, nitwit!

SELMAK! ~ Jake


Master Bra'tac: I have done deeds for which I can not forgive ... even myself. As will you. Men such as you and I have only the comfort of the times we make a difference. (He puts his hand over Teal'c's heart) Make a difference.

There's a few more flashbacks and then Teal'c flatlines. Bra'tac grabs Teal'c and shouts at him.

Choose now, Teal'c. Return to those who love freedom. Or DIE in the name of a false god. CHOOSE!

Big sigh of relief as Teal'c chooses correctly. He's one of the good guys again! Yay!