Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks ~ Episode 24

Garland Briggs has returned from his abduction by the White Light, a little worse for wear. So what does he do?

Have a piece of compelling pie at the local diner.



The Log recognizes the symbol on Garland's neck.  

The two abductees report their experiences to Agent Cooper.
Don S. Davis ~ Twin Peaks ~ Episode 26

After Garland Briggs's abduction, his security clearance regarding the Blue Book Project has been revoked. Dale Cooper asks his assistance in helping them solve the issues of Windom Earle, Leo Johnson and the markings on the Owl Cave Wall.

Briggs says that there is a moral obligation involved, but he wants to know if he spills what he knows, if there a chance a life could be saved. When Cooper states his belief that Brigg's help could prevent further murders, Briggs agrees to help.

No Pie? How can you have coffee and no pie?   

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