Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

Poor Moac, he never had a chance.

Alas, Poor Moac, I knew thee well...

There are 14,234,234 insects on this planet. There are 4,342 Jaffa about to land, and there is a cricket in the tree over there. ~ Bra'tac shows that he's still got it.

There are more false Gods to slay!

Season 3 Maternal Instinct

This episode starts off as a real humdinger - Bra'tac arrives on the SGC doorstep with his dying apprentice. If that isn't bad enough, he tells everyone that the Evil Snake God really isn't dead. You know, somebody really should stick a fork in Apophis and consider him done.

Did I get that Earth saying right, Jacob?

I'm trying to learn to talk like you, though I don't think I should say !%)@#%_!)%!)_$%(!_)$~!#$$~@$$(* in my reviews. That's a little rough, don't you think, Pookie?

Bra'tac's not having a very good day. He's rather depressed about his student dying and Chulak being burned and slaughtered before his very eyes.

BRA'TAC - In my 135 years, I have never seen a Goa'uld turn on those who carry its kind on this way.

I'll point out that Bra'tac manages to mention his age once again, but I'll try to be kind, as he's feeling down. I'm a rather sympathetic symbiote, don't you agree, Jake?

Yeah - real sympathetic.

I think I better give Pookie some attention. Let me rub the back of your head, you need some fuzz therapy. I'm glad I gave you the crew cut as you're nice and stubbly now. So, Jake, don't you think I'm a really sympathetic symbiote?


What I do to keep my host happy.... Anyway, Bra'tac and the gang do some serious discussing and they figure that Apophis is looking for his son as apparently Ammonent hid it on him.

Where could it be, but Kheb? Like magic, Bra'tac remembers one of the Jaffa Legends of old, and they figure out where the planet is. They are off to find Apophis' kid.

The clean air of Kheb (well except for all those dead bodies) does wonders on Bra'tac. He impresses the SG-1 Team with his astute comments regarding the recent Jaffa slaughter. He and Daniel start exchanging really cryptic comments with a monk, and the monk says that Bra'tac has 'within him a being whose heart that knows only darkness'.

Jake? Aren't you happy? If we went to Kheb, they'd tell you that you have within you a being whose heart knows only happiness and love. Ahhh... let's go to Kheb on our next vacation.

Pookie? Are you trying to ignore me again?

Pookie! This is your SYMBIOTE talking to you! You're supposed to ANSWER ME, POOKIE!

Oops, I overdid it with the endorphins again. I guess that's ok, because Jake gets jealous when I mention how cool Bra'tac is.

Much to my relief, Bra'tac decides that he doesn't want to die, as there are more false Gods to slay. Meanwhile, Danny is having a rather odd spiritual encounter. Jack wants to leave, Danny says no, and then they are surrounded by the Bad Guys! What are they to do? Danny insists that they put their guns down, and Bra'tac agrees as they are on holy ground.

Then this weird white thing comes floating out - almost like a gigantic fire fly and she zaps all the bad guys. Bra'tac and Teal'c respectfully salute her and she floats off to the gate, carrying Apophis' little love child with her.

That was really strange.

You know, Jake, that Oma Desala looks like a Vorlon almost. Don't you agree?