Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

An Army of One

Master Bra'tac ~ you old coot, do you have any idea where the
Sam Hell you put this ship of yours?

I was just pulling your leg, Hammond of Texas. I knew where it was all the time.

Season 3 Into the Fire

Brief recap of the previous episode, the mean, evil wicked Hathor has taken Danny, Sammy & Jackie prisoner. She's going to implant them with Goa'uld symbiotes! Oh the horror! Can they be saved?

Naturally, they've got Teal'c and Bra'tac (big sigh) on their side.

Big gag from Host.

Teal'c returns to Bra'tac's house and Bra'tac has been badly beaten and battered by the last of Apophis' personal guard. They are blaming Bra'tac for what happened to the Dead Snake God. There were far too many of them for an old man of 135 to handle.

Oh no, Bra'tac mentioning that seeing Teal'c is a dying, old man's wish. He's not gonna die, is he Jake? No... not Bra'tac, he's still just a puppy. Quick, Jake keep typing, I need to find out how this ends.


But fortunately, one of our operatives has infiltrated Hathor's base and is working as hard as she can to save our guys. I'm so proud to be a Tok'Ra right now, aren't you, Jake? The witch Hathor puts a symbiote into O'Neill and fortunately, our operative is able to put Jack into the deep freeze in order to kill the nasty Goa'uld symbiote.

Pookie, I heard what you were thinking and that's not nice! You can't lock yourself into a freezer and get rid of me.

That really wasn't very nice...


I think I need a new host. Hey you reading this, would you like to be my friend? Please email me at before Jake puts me into a freezer, please. I prefer non-smokers, music, dancing, long walks in the tunnels and someone who doesn't yell at me as much as Pookie does.

Selmak - are we done with your infomercial?

Yes. Meanwhile Teal'c is raising an army on Chulak and he's not doing very well.

Bra'tac and Teal'c try to convince their fellow Chulak-ians to join them in their fight for freedom. Alas, not even Bra'tac's little cape action as he walks down the steps is good enough for the cowards. In the end, Teal'c is successful in converting George Hammond to his cause. This is such a cool episode as both George and Bra'tac are in it. The only way it could be better would be if Pookie was in it, and the four of us were the ones rescuing SG-1.

In the end, O'Neill throws Hathor into the deep freezer while the rest of the SG-teams are being held by Trosky at the Gate.

Then my brave little George threads the needle with Teal'c. I didn't realize George knew how to sew, I would have picked him as my host because I get tired of stitching Pookie's uniforms together after he gets hurt. I have to heal him and then I have to fix his uniform...

Can we get on with this review?

And then he yells at me... But that's ok, he's my Pookie. So the Good Guys Triumph Once Again! Thanks to a Top Secret Tok'Ra Operative and our boys!


HATHOR: We ask you once more. Which one of you shall be host to our new

O'NEILL: (to CARTER) He has her eyes.

HATHOR: Silence! (She comes before DANIEL, stroking his face.) Shall it be our Beloved? We could spend an eternity together. Do you not remember the joys that we once shared in one another's arms?

DANIEL: I really try not to. (BHAHAHAH - Selmak- That's telling her, Danny Boy!)

HATHOR: (moves to stand before CARTER.) Shall it be the female then? She who would challenge us? (She pauses) You have since been possessed by a Goa'uld, we sense. Perhaps once more?

CARTER: I'm not afraid.

HATHOR: You should be, my dear, for the pain a symbiote can inflict in its host is unimaginable.

The Goa'uld in HATHOR'S hand lunges at O'NEILL, hissing.

HATHOR: It seems that our friend has chosen.

O'NEILL: (to the Goa'uld) What, the grey doesn't bother you?

It doesn't bother me at all. I think the grey makes my host look distinguished.