Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac



Sel breaks the 4th wall for this bit of truly useless info - Dakin Matthews was the former artistic director of the Antaeus Company. Guess who is a member of Antaeus? Tony Amendola.

I only regret that I have one life to give for those ingrates of the Jaffa Nation.

Gratuitous shot of of a Ba'al clone.
Even though he's a bad guy, he's still a snappy dresser ~ Sel

Season 9 Stronghold

Oh, Mama Egeria. Help me please. It's another Jaffa Politics episode. Right now they're having a big fight over democracy. [literally "rule by the people", from the Greek demos, "people," and kratos, "rule".] Except their idea of democracy is that the MEN only get to vote.

How very Moloc of you all.

I'm really disappointed with Bra'tac and his rather macho attitude. You know, we of the Tok'Ra never had such a parochial attitude. After all, Mommy Egeria was female. Were WE gonna tell our Mummy that she couldn't vote? Heck no, as she would have sent us to our cubicle for the next thousand years!

Selmak? Is there a point? ~ Jake

Yes, I was getting there. So the lone token Jaffa Female Kal'el is Ba'alnapped and her little brain is washed. (I still don't understand about that term brain washing though it appears every episode I'm reviewing someone getting their brains washed, spun and dried.) She then in turn helps Ba'al brain wash other High Council members including Bra'tac buddy, Maz'Rai.

Maz'Rai realizing that his brain is now three sizes smaller as they used hot water to wash his brain rather than the gentle cold cycle, rips out his symbiote and tries the ancient Jaffa ritual of M'al Sharran.

He ends up dying, but he dies free! (Mental note to self - I think I've been reviewing too many Bra'tac episodes if I can spout that dribble.)

They trace back the brain washings to discover Ba'al is behind it all. He teal'c naps the Big Guy and washes Teal'c brain. Since Teal'c's brain has already been washed, Ba'al is unsuccessful as he didn't realize that Teal'c has scotch guarded his brain.

In a dramatic moment, a supposedly brain washed Teal'c is ordered to shoot Bra'tac to show his loyalty to Ba'al. Instead, the Ba'al clone gets up close and personal to a staff weapon.

And our boy is saved!