Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

Doesn't that look rather theatrical?

Look! It's a Shish-ka-Gerak visiting the sick General Landry
who has the Ori-Avian flu. He decides to entertain Hank by
eating fire.
Hankie is less than impressed.

Season 9 The Fourth Horseman

Sel would like to apologize for not getting this episode Selmak-reviewed earlier. Being a member of Glow-Club (that's Ascensionville for those of you that don't know), we have meetings that literally last years debating about the non-interference/non-disclosure clauses in our Ascension contracts. So after gleefully pointing out that their contract mentioned not a word about WebSites, I was prepared to review this episode.

Then to my absolute horror, I realized it dealt with Jaffa politics, and I decided to sun myself by the Ascended Pool for a bit as politics bores me. Janet and I had a great time, had a lot of great drinks with little umbrellas in them. Plus we were being fanned by some really hot cabana boys...

Err... don't you think that you should review this episode? Not many people are interested in 'What Selmak did on her Vacation'. ~ Jake

OK, there's big trouble in Jaffa-ville - and its name is Gerak. Gerak, that bear skin wearing cult leader, has turned to Origin! Bra'tac and Teal'c try to reason with him, but Gerak believes that by converting to Origin, only that way can the Jaffa nation be saved. (Big leap of faith there, Big Guy.)

Bra'tac can't believe how dense stupid naive Gerak is. Teal'c forces to Gerak to visit his father's grave on Chulak and he reminds him of everything for which Gerak's father died. He then drags Gerak to the SGC, and makes him visit sick General Landry who has the dreaded Ori-Avian flu. Teal'c wisely points out that the Ori's tactics are a lot like the Goa'uld's tactics. A light bulb goes on over Gerak's head and he decides to cleanse Earth from the dreaded Ori-Avian flu microbes.

Then because he's pouring 220 watts of electricity directly into a 40 watt bulb, Gerak blows up.

Hank jumps off his sick bed and immediately orders SG1 (especially Cam the Man) to put air fresheners through out the SGC.

Apparently the smell of a burnt, bear-skin wearing Gerak is mighty potent.