Don S. Davis ~ Avalanche

It's taken Selmak three separate attempts to cap this movie. The first two times the DVDR refused to tape, and this time, the'puter spat the disc out in mid-cap then proceeded to shut down with an illegal error. Sel sat through part of this movie once, and she ain't gonna do it no more! There's some things she'll do for her site, but watching this again? Heck no.

David "The Hoff" Hasslehoff is an evil diamond smuggling no-good criminal who after shooting his contacts in Serbia, flies out on a plane (flown by Don's character Whitney) and somehow in the process of escaping starts an avalanche. So you, faithful viewers, all two of you, need to realize that Hoff starts a regular avalanche, not to be confused with the lava exploding volcano-snow avalanche movie known as VOLCANO: FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN.

Anyway the Evil Diamond Smuggling No Good Criminal starts an avalanche and then starts terrorizing An Innocent All American Family. Michael Gross being the dad of the innocent family attempts to save his family from this god awful movie... err... scary situation in which they found themselves.

I have absolutely no idea what happens to Don's character in this movie. One minute, he's flying a plane, then the dvd shot out of the computer drive and then Sel got the Dreaded Blue Screen O' Death.


Attempts to 'wing' Selmak so she'll stop capping.





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