Don S. Davis ~ Chain Dance

You know, Don claims at every con that he's too uggggleeeee to do a love scene. (This causes some women at the con to fall under his spell, sob sadly onto their overpriced con T-Shirts, and offer to cheer him up. Meanwhile some of us just shake our heads and mutter comments about how Dangerous Don is).

Once upon a time, Sel found a movie that she thought qualified as a love scene.

No, no, no. Wasn't him, sources claim. Sel had her doubts, but she said, OK. 'Twas not Don in the love scene. It was a body double's 'stunt' legs.

Then she found this fine piece of cinema on Ebay. There's a naked woman, a gun, boxer shorts, a belt and a few other things that she thinks qualifies it as a love scene. [Though the exploding police car really put a damper on the mood and the police sgt and the hooker said it was a 'business matter' rather than knocking the boots.]

And you know what? The caps are a little too risque to put on the site, as Selmak does have some standards, though she's the first to admit that her standards for her site are pretty low.

Though she thinks Don's got a simply divine set of shoulders.

 Having learned her lesson the last time,
Selmak declares them to be 'stunt arms'.

Sel squees excitedly and starts wolf whistling.

'I think I'm having my own personal sumah!' Sel energetically
attempts to fan herself to cool down.

'We are just SO gonna hear from his lawyer,' Helena mumbles. 







Selmak, I want your copy of this DVD! NOW! 


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