Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

This entire episode found me trying very hard not to laugh at Jack O'Neill Version 2.0. Jake had to keep shushing me, as it was rather serious - the nuJack was a clone, and his dna was decomposing right before our very eyes, but still. Can you think of anyone who deserved to be turned into an acne covered teenager more than Jack?


We offered numerous suggestions to the nuJack and he turned us down. We knew that he didn't want a warm and fuzzy, cute and cuddly symbiote of his very own, so we didn't offer that. Instead we offered to turn him into a Jack-sicle, but he didn't want to be a frozen pop.

So, Jake and I left through the Stargate just as quickly as we came.

Jake Whumping.

Physical - none.

Emotional - none.

Season 7 ~ Fragile Balance

Truly, I'm trying not to laugh.

I was about to laugh really hard, so I made Jake talk to Jack.