Selmak's Humour

Creation Con had a centerpiece contest.

In the hopes of obtaining that $250.00 gift certificate, Ms. Tok'Ra Resistance was born.

Selmak is wearing a handcrafted tiara (made by Zim), long golden tresses, a sash that says "Ms. Tok'Ra Resistance 0001", a rose bouquet and a hot pink Barbie dress.

Her long golden tresses are carefully restrained by two jeweled butterfly clips.

So out of 29 gate entries, a cute little Piglet'c entry and Ms. Tok'Ra Resistance, I'm sure it will come as a complete and utter surprise that Sel lost.

I knew it was going to be ugly when one of the male judges wanted to see Selmak's knickers while the female asked how Selmak incubated in her outfit. (It's HUMOUR people, HUMOUR!)

Even Sel's Beauty Contest Likes and Dislikes earned not a smile.

Likes:       Dislikes:   Goals:       Inspiration:  
  • Her mummy Egeria, who Selmak loves and misses very much. Mom told her to fight for what she believes in which is why Selmak is a  proud member of the Tok'Ra Resistance.

Yes, so naturally we lost as the winning Centerpiece had the GATE in it and teamwork. (Obviously the judges have NOT seen SEASON 9). A few people where nice enough to compliment Selmak on her outfit. (God! That's Crack!Fic was one comment, but Selmak treasures the, "YOU WERE ROBBED!" comment from WWLH.)

Teryl thought Selmak was pretty while Colin thought she was the ugliest Gate he had ever seen. Sel reminded him that the centerpiece contest didn't say anything about a GATE. (Obviously Colin hasn't seen Season 9). And Carmen? Well, let's say poor Carmen took a long, confused, look at his alleged alter ego, shook his head and mumbled something that no one could hear.

I think he said, "HELP!"

 Colin tries to make up to Selmak after calling her an Ugly Gate.