Don S. Davis ~ The Limbic Region
A San Francisco detective, Luca, is obsessed with catching a serial killer who has been killing people for over 20 years, even to the point of neglecting his own health. When Luca learns that he is dying and has only a few weeks of life left, he tries his one last shot - taking the suspect for a ride down memory lane, hoping to force the issue...

Don is Chief Payne and there are quite a few familiar faces in this. Also making a guest appearance is some interesting hair.

Note: People have been asking Sel, why does Don have hair in one shot and not the other? Why does Tom have a 'stash in one, and not the others? Don't worry faithful visitors, all two of you, Sel will explain. This film flashes back between the 'present' and 'twenty years ago'.

A face only Anubis' mommy could love. [George Dzundza]


Don and Tom McBeath  [Harry!] 

Don spends a great many scenes separating people who are fighting. In this scene, he's pulling Tom McBeath (Harry!) off Edward James Olmos (BSG - Bill Adama).   

Don, Edward James Olmos and some serious hair and makeup.   




Oh! Look! Another fight! 




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