Don S. Davis ~ Final Appeal
Don is Detective Church. A prominent cardiologist quickly remarries after his wife dies. He soon dies also, and then when his second wife murdered with a golf club, suspicions naturally soon fall upon his innocent daughter.

Generally Selmak doesn't make comments about the plotline in the boys' movies, but the bad girl ends up getting shot in the head with 200 joules of electricity from a defibrillator. Now from personal experience, Sel would like to say for the record, that the girl's bleached blonde hair should have been FRIED not only due to the over processing at the hair salon, but because of the 200 joules.






Sel would like to apologize to Rick, the late, great paramedic who taught her how to use a defib unit. Sel remembers how you made a comment about people assaulting each other with defib units. You should have copyrighted the idea.   

Don, used to swooning fan grrrrls, carries the bleach blonde bimbo baddie. He's trying not to gag from the smell of burning hair.


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