Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

My boys! I would have been in heaven if George had been on the Alpha Site!

My boys scope out the competition.

Bra'tac gets dragged off by an invisible thing.

My brave Pook tells Teal'c not to kill Malek as we don't want
to be in charge of the whiny Tok'Ras.


Season 6 ~ Allegiance

This was a great episode! Do you know why? Well, if you’ve gotten this far into my website, you know it’s because it had TWO of Sel’s BOY TOYS in the same episode! Whenever two or more of my boy toys…

BOY TOYS? ~ Jake, Bra'tac AND George.

Sel’s Stud muffins…?? Is that better?

Loud, collective groan ~ Jake, Bra'tac AND George.

Get together; it cranks the episode up a notch. The sun is brighter; the birds sing louder, O’Neill is less mouthy…But this is a Very Special Bra’tac-Jake Episode, as it’s the very first time that Jake and Bra’tac met. I’ve been thinking since I blended with Jake, that the two of them will get along quite well, though Jake would be jealous of Bra’tac's inherent coolness.

He can’t help being unbelievably cool, it’s genetic, I think.

Much like Jake being a klutz.

Our Top Secret Tok’Ra base has been infiltrated, so Jake and I decide to send all the Tok’Ra’s and the Tok’Ra-ettes to theTop Secret Alpha Base using the Top Secret Code known only to those with Top Secret Clearance. As you can guess, I think the Top Secret Business is a little Top Secret silly. Jake jumps through the Stargate, stands there like a nitwit, and gets shot in the leg.

Oh no! Jake’s going to limp throughout the entire episode!

But I decide to fix him, even though I’m a little annoyed with him. After all, I could hear all the snickering from the Jaffa contingency about the Klutzy Tok’Ra.

While I’m fixing Jake, I’m noticing that there’s a lot of tension in the air, and before long, Tau’Ri, Jaffa and Tok’Ra begin to drop like flies. Jack has a meeting with Jake and Bra’tac (conveniently forgetting that I’m along for the ride) and demands that the two of them try to keep the peace. Naturally, both of them being male, stubborn, set in their ways plus being Alpha Males, give each other the Evil Eye before deciding that yes, they can work together.

I was worried there for a minute, I thought I was going to have to grab the two of them by the scruff of their necks and smack their heads together repeatedly to knock some sense into them until they agreed. Don’t worry, Jake, I would have taken Bra’tac’s iron plate off his head, tho’ I hear rumors that it’s surgically attached.

After a few beers and chips, and a Poker game in which I annihilated Bra’tac, O’Neill and Teal’c by pretending that I don’t know anything about Poker, we were all best friends. Well, except for O’Neill, as he doesn’t like me for some strange reason.

I think it’s because he’s watched Alien too much.

Yada, yada, yada, more people die (Look, if you’re looking for a detailed summary of the story, go see Jake’s version, I don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel), we break up into groups of FOUR – Jaffa, Tau’Ri, Tok’ra HOST and Tok’Ra Symbiote,and we start searching for the Very Bad Dude that is killing all people.

Naturally, the Very Bad Dude decides to attack Bra’tac, realizing that he’s probably the most dangerous one in the whole Brady Bunch team of O’Neill, Malek & Bra’tac. Bra’tac is then dragged off into the forest by the Invisible Bad Dude and Malek decides to call the game due to rain. Yes, Malek decides on his own that Bra’tac’s really dead and that it is a lost cause to search for him.

You know, Malek is rather young, and I really think that he needs his training wheels put back on.

You never sell your allies out, nitwit! It just angers them!

Malek is then throttled by Teal’c, who is upset because I told him that if Bra’tac’s dead, he owes me Bra’tac’s share of my poker winnings. Jake gets very serious and reminds me that if Malek’s dead, we have to be in charge of the Tok’Ra group, so I tell Pookie to calm Teal’c down. Fortunately, Teal’c releases Malek's Host, who fortunately doesn’t experience any Lasting Permanent Damage due to his Symbiote. Sam, Jake and Malek sprout technobabble for a bit, and then they decide to rig the Naquadah reactor to emit some sub-space particles in order to hyper excite the electrons in the visible light spectrum, or some gobblygook like that. I don’t really remember what they said as I have to admit that I zoned out during the explanation, much like the viewers at home did.

I have to admit that I felt really tingly when they hyper excited the electrons. I like feeling tingly, but General Grouch yelled at me to behave before I requested a patent on the device so I could install one in our room.


Ok, we hyper excite everyone’s electrons; everyone’s enjoying the buzz when we see the No Longer Invisible Bad Guy™. The Bad Guy then is killed by Bra’tac, who gives a moving Shakespearean speech about all of us being brothers (And Sisters! Don’t forget the Sistas, Bray!) thanks to our common enemy.