Selmak ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1 ~ Are you really serious?


Q # 2 ~ Why?

I started Selmak.Org to practice my coding and I picked these three actors from Stargate to focus my attention as at that time there was nothing online about them. [Carmen, Tony & Don] The site started off with ten pages and with an extremely tongue in cheek attitude. Now two years later, 30,000 visitors + and some three hundred pages, it's the website that ate NYC. Then in early 2006, I pretty much had run out of things to post on the three main boy toys, so I added Garry Chalk to the mix as I always enjoyed Chekov whenever he showed up at the SGC and I couldn't find any info on Garry.

Then when I ran out of Garry stuff to publish to the Free World, I decided to add Gerard.

Then Stargate got canceled, and I was wondering what to do with the site. So I decided to add non-Stargate actors to the site, so poor Terrence Mann from the Dresden Files was the first victim.

Q #3 I need to get a hold of <insert name of Sel's Boy Toy>.

I'm unofficial, unsanctioned, unedited and unproofed. I have no direct contact with any of Sel's Boys. And rather happily so, I might add. In spite of my disclaimer, I often get messages addressed to the boys. Come on! Do you really think the actors would willingly have anything to do with this site?

I'd suggest the following addresses but I make no promises that they're valid.

Tony Amendola
House of Representatives Agency
2390 Tevoit Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Carmen Argenziano
Talentworks, Inc.
3500 West Olive Ave. #1400
Burbank, CA 91505

Garry Chalk
The Character Talent Agency
#200 - 1505 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver BC V6H 3Y4

Gerard Plunkett
I have no contact info on him.
If you really need to get a hold of him,
try his business, I guess.

Terrence Mann
I don't have the FAINTEST idea on how to contact him.

Q # 4 ~ Everyone knows that Selmak is male. Symbiotes are sexless and take on the gender of their hosts!

Yes. We know, but it's funnier if Sel acts female.

Q # 5 ~ Pookie? Boy Toys?

Again, it's just because it's funny. When Don S. Davis was asked about being known as a Boy Toy, he laughed and admitted that it was the first time anyone had ever called him that!

Q # 6 ~ Everything is right click protected! That's not nice.

No, it's not, but I had the misfortune of seeing a great deal of my work go up on someone else's site.

In the very same order as my stuff no less!

We had a regular bitch fight over it, and she claimed that she didn't need to acknowledge that her site was at that time 90% my work. N
eedless to say, Sel got very angry and little Ms. Web Chick has ruined it for everyone. Now you need to ask me before you take the stuff.



Q # 7 Do Sel's Boy Toys know about the site?

Yes, I've been ratted out. Though I believe that four of them are repressing the trauma, so I hope that they make a full recovery. Don Davis thought it was funny that he's considered a boy toy. Several of the boys haven't realized that they've been Selmak-ized, as they're (hopefully) blissfully unaware of the site.
A few of the boys have visited the site while several have been too scared to do so.

Sel, Tony & Mish

Sel & Carmen

Sel & Don

Sel & Garry

Q #8 What's Sel's privacy policy?

Sel uses IP addresses and browser types to monitor traffic patterns and site usage to help her develop the design and optimize layout of the site (In other words, Sel wants to know what ya'll like on the site and what you visit). IP addresses are not linked to any personally identifiable information. Sel does record the IP temporarily when someone visits the site. IP addresses are not used for any purposes except for banning site abusers. (See Question # 6)

Q # 9 Who runs this site?


No ~ Seriously.

Selmak! Errr... and some chickie by the name of Helena. Not much is known about Helena, except that she's pretty snarky at the best of times.