Selmak ~ Thank Yous & Credits

Selmak really has far too many people to thank as she knows that she'll miss some - but she'll try anyway.

Zimmy ~ The Jaffa who designed the new Selmak.Org. Ain't she talented? She does all the great looking banners. Sel does all the other ones.

My focus group for testing the site out on various browsers, letting Sel know what sucked and just generally critiquing my site:

Ka/Loren, Mish, Mad, Dorabelle, Marya, Janie & Julie "MY GOD ~ It's RED".

The Space Witchies for encouragement, poison pen letters, screen caps and so much more.

Two Top Secret Contacts whose names I can not reveal, but who provide me with a lot of good dirt on two of the boys.

Joel Miller ~ his willingness to go above and beyond for this fangrrrl site.

Ken Mader ~ for answering a few questions and not being scared off by a talking symbiote.

Phil & Sandy ~ a better hosting company, no one could ever ask for, especially in light of recent events.

Pete for trying to figure out the MAC IE 5.2.3 problem.

MadbyNorWest ~ Mysterious Woman of the Mounties, who doesn't really exist, but has provided screen caps, sanity, emotional readjustments and the vicious poison pen letters when requested.

The Carmen, Tony, Don and Tok'Ra email groups. You'all are nuts, but a good nuts.

Steph ~ for her willingness to answer, "Does this look ok? Is this funny?" 19,234,945 times in the same email.

Marya & Tracey for providing VHS/DVDs

Jamie & Faye who both ran Tony Amendola sites, and upon deciding to close their sites, were kind enough to send me their content so it wouldn't be lost forever.

and now for a shameless name dropping, Sel would like to thank Don Davis for MANY things,

most importantly:

  1. Assuring Joel Miller that it was ok for me to interview Joel.
  2. Permission to post his artwork.
  3. His amusement at being called a boy toy and other snarkiness.
  4. His willingness to answer questions.