Don S. Davis ~ DragonCon 2006 ~ Presentation of the Thank You Banner  

A few fans had a brilliant idea: at Dragon 2006, these fans presented the Stargate crew with a Thank You for ten great years banner from fans not only at D*Con, but fans from across the globe! By the time the banner even got to D*Con, there were nearly 400 names from online fans ready to be written on the banner.

For more pics, look at Jen the Fan Girl's photos and for a video of the presentation, please click here.

From left to right we have: Desiree; Alli; the man who needs no introduction *S*; Jen the Fangirl; and Marcia, Track Director,
Stargate Progamming at Dragon*Con.

Sel wants to thank Jen the Fan Girl for permission to post her photo.

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