Carmen Argenziano

Carmen is Jack Gunthrie, who has a sweet and innocent daughter who is impregnated and joins a Baby Selling operation! Oh the horror! I'm not speaking about the Baby Selling! Sel's reeling from the OverDose of Plaid! Plaid PJs (the pics were too dark to cap), Plaid Shirts, Plaid Jackets!

Plaid shirt # 1

Plaid shirt # 2

Plaid shirt # 3

Plaid Shirt # 4

Plaid Shirt # 4 & Another Plaid Shirt


Cradle of Conspiracy

Plaid Shirt # 5

Not Plaid, but STRIPES!

Plaid Shirt # 6

Herring bone Jacket ~ The Patterned Costumer Strikes again!



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