Don S. Davis ~ Volcano ~ Fire on the Mountain!
Don is Bob Hart, the mayor of beautiful Angel Lakes. Pete Slater, a discredited geologist predicts that Angel Lakes will suffer a major volcano event. Does Bob listen? After Pete squirts him in the face with a Jelly Doughnut (To demonstrate the flow of lava through a hole in the Earth's crust don'tcha know), Bob storms off and calls hima quack. Should Bob have listened? You bet he should have, but there wouldn't have been this movie if Bob had listened. Other Vancouver faces include Colin Cunningham in a hapless role of an excitable sheriff Stan Sinclair, John Novak as Corben, William deVry & April Telek.




Let me use this Jelly Doughnut to explain... The Jelly is the lava, the Doughnut is the Earth - when the pressure builds...


The Jelly aka The Hot Lava Squirts out of the Doughnut Hole   

Because someone squeezed the Jelly Doughnut too hard.   

Dramatic moment. Angel Lakes is going to flooded with hot steaming lava unless the snow from the avalance they just created manages to contain the hot, steaming lava flow. So everyone's standing next to the windows and watching. Me? I'd be singing "Duck and Cover" right about then.

Yes, a movie about a volcano and an avalanche with Don and Colin.
What more could a girl symbiote want?

John Novak aka Corben, who commits suicide by stealing a police snow
machine and running it straight into the mix of hot, steaming lava and
cold snow from the avalance.   

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