Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

Jake and I noticed the high tensions among the SG-C the minute we were stood on their ramp. They had a lot of heavy artillery pointed in our direction, and for once, I couldn't think of anything funny to say to Jake. I was going to put our hands up to show that we came in Peace, but Jacob refused. We argued about that for a bit, as he said that it would make him look like he was skipping through the gate or something.

Fortunately, George saw it was us, and they put their guns away. He gave us a quick overview of the situation, Danny was dying of radiation poisoning because he was big, stupid hero. It was something Pookie would do, dying to save an entire planet.

Selmak? A compliment from you?

The minute I saw the Mummy, I knew we were too late. Danny was dying and the best I could do was take his pain away. I tried really hard to save him, but then O'Neill said to stop. Jacob looked for confirmation from anyone, and we all agreed that it would be better as he wouldn't want this.

Then Danny died. I was sniffling when suddenly Danny turned into a really big glowy thing. We watched Danny the Super Duper Fire Fly for a bit, and then he floated off to another place. I was still sniffling, and I was really glad that Pookie's hair was stubbly, as I needed fuzz therapy when we got back to the tunnels.

After hugging Sam goodbye, handling a few details and getting Pookie's chocolate chip cookie supply, we went back to the tunnels. I rubbed the back of his head until he was purring, and I told Pookie all about the time I had Ascended.

"What happened?" Pookie questioned.

"I got bored. They just stood around, making these odd, cryptic comments. 'The Key to the Soul is not made of Steel' or 'The Rain in Spain falls Mainly on the Plain'. So we agreed that perhaps I wasn't ready to be Ascended. I got my money back and that's why I'm here. But I did get Saroosh a t-shirt that said, 'My Symbiote Ascended and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt'."

Sometimes, Pookie chuckles a lot when I talk to him. I'm not sure why, but I like to hear him laugh.

Season 5 ~ Meridian

Why they are all aiming at us, Jake?

You can do it! You can save Daniel!

Pook! You weren't supposed to turn him into a big, glowy firefly!