Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

A brief recap. Lantesh is now in Lt. Elliot, the Tok'Ra Tunnels have been hit, Jacob and Daniel are still at the Summit Meeting of the Extremely Bad Guys. But hey, Jacob's still wearing the silk outfit I got him so things aren't really that bad.

Ok, I'm lying through my little symbiotic teeth.


Ok. I feel better now.

Danny tries to save the girl formerly known as Sarah, who is now OSIRIS who is a flunky of the REALLY BAD DUDE ANUBIS! Yu attacks and then we're in for several nail biting minutes of worry when we get a Pod sent COD from the station.

After wondering which Pod Person it might contain, we are reassured that it is Danny Jackson. I must admit that Pookie and I were tempted to leave him in the Pod until we got him away from Osiris.

We let him out, and we receive notification that the Tok'Ra Tunnels are squashed flat and that there are no survivors. But then we get an SOS which means we've got to go rescue Pookie's daughter.

Naturally, we get hit by enemy firepower and Jake crashes the shuttle.

I really hope that this shuttle isn't coming out of my paycheck, Jacob Carter. We're still paying off Cronos' mothership from Exodus, remember?
He ain't heavy, he's my Jacob....

Jacob Quotes

DANIEL: Hey. You okay?

JACOB: Not really.

DANIEL: You'd think a race advanced enough to fly around in space ships would be smart enough to have seat belts, huh?

JACOB: We just prefer not to crash.


Jacob Whumping

Physical - Pookie's got a head injury and a headache, so I'm being really quiet right now.

Emotional - Lantesh is dead. Re'Nal is dead. All our little Tok'Ra friends have been squashed flat and... I'm rather... sad.... Sniff sniff.

Season 5 ~ Last Stand

Jake fails his road test.

Oh great! Jake's hurt again!

He ain't heavy, he's my father-in-law.