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Jake goes undercover on this assignment, so I decide to do without a month's worth of Tok'Ra Treats and I buy him a brand new outfit. It's a really nice silk outfit, as I've noticed that Pookie has sensitive skin and he has a chafing problem from the burlap and tripe uniforms. I even buy him the hat that goes with the outfit.

Naturally, Jacob's first action is getting rid of the hat.

Which I LIKED.

Which I had BOUGHT for the ingrate.

Oh well, at least I got several pictures of it so I can put it in my scrapbook dedicated to my hosts. I have a whole big section of the book dedicated to Pookie, and it even lists all the injuries he's had since we've blended. I may have to get a second book for Pookie at the rate he gets hurt.

Anyway, there's not much to say about this episode. Did I mention I liked the silk outfit? I liked rubbing it as it's nice and soft. It's also nice because you can do all Pookie activities that you need to do to stay alive e.g. Shoot Bad Guys with a Zat, pull their bodies away & run for your life.

Perhaps I'll get silk sheets for our uncomfortable stone couch back in the tunnels.

There is a meeting of the Bad Guys, and they need someone who is human and who speaks Fluent Goa'uld which means... DANNY! I suggest Danny to Jake as the only possible choice to slip the poison into the meeting. Meanwhile, the two of them can bond, and Jake can scope Danny out.

Jacob and Jack spar again.

O'NEILL: Jacob. Jacob, wait up!

O'NEILL: Why do I get the feeling there's something you're not telling us?

JACOB: Oh Jack.

O'NEILL: Oh come one. You're the one who's always saying that every  time we knock off one of these System Lords a worse one shows up. Why should this be any different?

JACOB: It is true that others would eventually rise up but by taking them all out at once. We'll create a power vacuum that will lead to a massive galaxy wide war as the remaining Goa'uld jockey for position. That will last long enough for us to make a final decisive move.

O'NEILL: Which is?

JACOB: A wide scale attack on the entire Goa'uld population using the symbiote poison. We're gonna wipe them out, Jack. All of them.

Apparently that plan is ambitious enough even for Jack O'Neill.

Season 5 ~ Summit



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