Don S. Davis ~ A Dream is a Wish Your Heart...
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story has Don as Annette Funicello's second husband, Glen Holt. Annette married Glen in 1986 and was then soon diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

This looks to be a Vancouver based production, as you might recognize a few faces.

Wait! Who's that guy with the mullet?


My GOD! It's Don with a MULLET!

A few years have passed when Glen and Annette meet again.


at every con, Don attends, he tells this sad story about how he was
told that he was too "UGGGGLLLLEEEEE" to do a love scene.


Usually this is where the women in the audience, having fallen under Don's Mind Control, attempt to rush the stage to cheer him up by smooching him.
But BE STRONG, faithful readers of Selmak.Org! (Yes, all two of you)

Now, thanks to The Spies At Selmak, you can raise your hand and loudly disagree! "Mr. Davis, I seem to recall that you smooched Eva La Rue
in The Annette Funicello Movie?"

But wait... there's more!  Yes, more faithful readers!


"Mr. Davis, in fact, did you not smooch Eva La Rue TWICE in that film?"

 No doubt he'll deny it. Much like he'll deny this shirt.
(or so Sel hopes)

But you'll know the truth.


One of the few decent shots of Don with the "Real" Annette.

It's Gary Jones in the pivotal role of "PRODUCTION ASSISTANT".

It's Jay Brazeau aka Harlan as Annette's Great Uncle Pete.

And Kavan Smith aka Major Lorne as Dick Clark!


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