Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

Carmen is Paco, a long time friend of Walker, Texas Ranger. He is an DEA agent, who after fatefully saying, "I'll watch my back," is kidnapped by drug dealers and transported over the Mexican Border where he is then tortured.

Sel has a lot of questions regarding this show. But her big question is, since Paco is a DEA agent, should he REALLY be wearing the DEA hat and DEA jacket in a BAR?

This is a must see for all those that miss Stargate Jacob Carter whumping, as he gets beat up, tortured, maimed and generally abused. Unlike Jacob Carter, he gets to hit the bad guy once or twice.

Having a drink with Walker. "Why yes, I'll watch my back!"

Having had too many beers, he's easily overwhelmed by two bad guys.

It's Paco Whumping time!

It's Paco Whumping time!

Walker, Texas Ranger ~ Over the Border

It's Paco Whumping time!

It's Paco Whumping time - complete with a scary knife!

Naturally, the Noble Woman Forced into Prostitution with the mandatory
Dead, Drug Addicted Sister tries to help save Paco.



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