Selmak~ Does Shore Leave 2006

Sel went to Shore Leave in Hunt Valley, Maryland. She was VERY Happy to see George.

George, on the other hand, wasn't quite as thrilled.

Much to Sel's Distress, George's wife Ruby was quite upset to find Selmak wrapped around her man. She called Selmak a tart, and Sel wanted to know who the dancing girl was.

Aka Sel and Ruby Meet & George Worries.

Sadly, Selmak and Ruby had a face to face confrontation. George, veteran of numerous wars, immediately claimed that an old war injury had flared up, hoping to cause a cessation in the hostilities. Unfortunately, George's pain was ignored by our two combatants.

Selmak, quickly realizing she had made a major faux pas by flirting with the very married George (who hadn't invited her or Jacob to the wedding as Jake and Sel were rumored to well... to be dead.. from a bad case of the Tok'Ra Sniffles.), asked Ruby what she thought about Jamie Bamber, who just happened to be standing nearby, shirtless due to the high temperatures in Hunt Valley.

Both our girls quickly agreed that Jamie was mighty fine, and their disagreement was immediately forgotten as they wolf whistled at Jamie and made many naughty comments. Meanwhile, George was feeling a little hurt, neglected, abandoned and yes... unloved.

He stormed off.

Naturally, Ruby ran after him and assured him that he'd always be her little Viper Pilot.