Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

As you can tell, Jake always stocks up on the necessities whenever he's on Earth. I've asked George Hammond repeatedly if we could set up some sort of delivery service through the gate to ensure that Pookie gets his chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis, but George thinks it's a misuse of the tax payers' money.

That's because George doesn't have live with Pookie when he's got the chocolate-withdrawl shakes. Pookie gets very short tempered whenever he's without his chocolate.


See? That's Pookie, warning me to get back to his website.

Anyway, we're at the SGC, Jake's dosed to the gills with chocolate and moping about how he can't enjoy a lousy cup of coffee when, naturally, the Tok'Ra have to interupt our little vacation. Apophis and Her'ur are meeting again and someone's decided that it would be an ideal situation for us to raise some Tok'Ra chaos. It's up to Jacob and Selmak to create that chaos.

Jacob decides to get Sam and Daniel to help with our mission. Naturally, Jack pouts because he's being left out. Intentionally, in fact. My witty Jacob zaps O'Neill with a few zingers and he allows him to come alone with us. Anyway, Pookie does some seriously intense flying as only my Jacob can do, while the kids in the back attempt to reprogram a bomb.

Then, I eavesdrop on the two Goa'ulds and I realize that Teal'c has been captured! The kids naturally want to save Teal'c and Junior, but Jacob reminds them that we're only one small little ship against several motherships, and we're gonna get creamed. I just want to make sure that everyone realizes that Jacob really didn't want to leave Teal'c behind, but he was really concerned about his daughter. Sometimes he's a little too protective about her.


Anyway! Jacob does some more seriously intense flying, but it is in vain! We weren't able to intercept the matter stream and Teal'c is beamed (Thank Danny for that description) on board Apophis' ship. Then a whole hell of a lot of motherships are uncloaked and we realize we're in a lot of deep doo-doo.

Fortunately, it's a Dead Goa'uld that's beamed over to Apophis and Teal'c is safe.

Sigh of relief.

I'd hate for anything to happen to the Big Guy.


Uh oh. I better give Jake a little attention.


Jake Whumping -

None. Jacob's da Man as he didn't get hurt. I'm really happy with his piloting skills and so when it was all over and the kids were back on Earth, I gave him a very special head rub. I may have overdone it a little, but his crew cut was nice and stubbly. I mean, his eyes rolled back in his head and he purred like a kitten for an hour or so after I was done, but hey, I just wanted to make sure Jake knew how much I appreciated him not getting hurt.

I can't think when she does that to me - Jake.

You're not supposed to think Pookie, you're the brawn, I'm the brains - Sel.

Jake Quotes -

JACK: AH! Wait a minute! Just--- stop, hold it. If you're about to say you're gonna explain along the way , I'm gonna lose it! I've just about had it with the way the Tok'Ra do business. I wanna know EXACTLY what we're dealing with here. Every mission detail you've got right now, or we go NOWHERE!

JACOB: (Smiling) I was gonna tell ya, Jack.

I gave Jacob a high five for getting O'Neill's goat.

JACOB: Obviously, I'm gonna need Dr. Jackson, and there might be some complicated mathematical calculations to be done, Sam would be a big help, too.

(Jack clears his throat after it's obvious that Jacob and I aren't going to mention him.)

Of course, Colonel O'Neill is --- always fun to have around.

Another high five for Pookie! Go Jacob, go Jacob!

Then someone activates the bomb and they want my advice on what to do next.


What the hell did they expect me to say? Let's stand around and wait until we blow up?

Then everything is resolved when we realize that Danny forgot to use Zero in his calculations.

Are you sure he's smart enough to be involved with your daughter, Jake?

Season 4 ~ The Serpent's Venom

Everytime we come to Earth, I make sure to stock up on chocolate.

Jake's so funny that he slays me.

My Pook doing some serious flying.