Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

Ok, there's several things I like about this episode.

Anyway, Jake and I were trying to regain our reputation as being competent Tok'Ra subversives by blowing up a Weapon's Grade shipment of Naquada when I noticed an all too familiar looking blonde female and brown haired male come through the gate. Oh no, we're never gonna blow the planet up now!

Pookie. Is that Sam?

@#$%)@#$%()@#$ - was his response, which I took to mean, yes.

Better ring them up as they're gonna get slaughtered. Why are they here? They must be looking for you.

Jake ringed them up, and instead of letting them stew themselves into a panic, he decided to scream at them immediately.

GENERAL GROUCH: Are you out of your mind?!?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?!?!?!

SAM: We were looking for you.


Then they mention that Teal'c and O'Neill are in trouble, and Dad decides he has to go save them. Besides, we had to uncloak to rescue his daughter and now everyone knows that we're here.

Selmak: We're never going to get a mission right, Jacob. We're gonna be the laughing stocks of the Tok'Ra again.

Jacob and I maxed out the engines, and while we were on the way to save O'Neill's butt, Sam and her father had a lovely discussion about semantics. Sometimes, the two of them are so much alike that they give me a headache.

They argued about whether the Tau'ri or the Tok'ra were more secretive, Sam thought her father was being arrogant, I thought that Jacob was displaying an unique insight into the situation. Then Jacob sighed and asked them the important question - So, how do you intend to get them out the glider once we get there? I mean, there's no chance it'll fit in the cargo bay.

DANNY: We were hoping you could kinda --- like --- beam them out.

JACOB: Beam them out? What am I , Scotty?

BAHAHAHAHAH! I have such a funny host. For that joke, I gave him several wet symbiotic kisses on his brain stem and told him that I didn't think he was arrogant. Besides, I love Scotty, he's so cool! I make Jake watch every ST:TOS episode just to see Scotty.

Jacob and Sam argue for a few more minutes.

Jake: You can't just slap a US Air Force sticker on the side of a Death Glider, and call it yours.

I develop a deep appreciation for the late, great Mrs. Jacob Carter. I think we would have gotten along quite well, as apparently we're the only ones that can handle Jacob when he gets on a tear. Then we break down in the absolute worse section of town, and we've got Her'ur on one side and Apophis on the other.

Oh no! We're in trouble!

Jake and I decide to fix the engines and we leave Danny in charge of the ship.

By the time everything is fixed, Danny has thrown everyone into a tizzy by announcing, 'Mak tal shree! Lo tak meka satak OZ!" - that he is the Great and Powerful Oz. Jake sighs loudly and I tell Jacob that perhaps Danny won't make a really good son-in-law.

Everyone starts chasing and firing weapons at the newest System Lord on the block, and we barely escape alive. We come across the ship and for a moment, we think that O'Neill and Teal'c are dead. Then Jacob decides to nudge their ship a little and O'Neill starts sprouting off his nonsense. It takes a few minutes for all of us to realize that O'Neill is talking stranger than his norm, and we slowly repeat the instructions on how we're going to save him.

The two of them eject, Jacob rings them in and then

JACK: Jacob --- Thanks for stopping by!

JACOB: What the hell? I was in the neighborhood! Ya need a lift home?

JACK: Yes, Sir. Thank you.

Jacob Whumping.


Absolutely Positively None!

Jacob doesn't get hurt at all and he gets to use his razor sharp wit. He gets TEN wet symbiotic kisses on his brain stem from Sel for a good job, and oh what the hell, I've even throw in a head rub. When Jake's been a really good boy, I rub the back of his neck and he purrs like a cat. I really like doing that after I shave his head and he's got a little bit of stubble.


Oh yeah, Jake and I dropped the kids off and then we went back to blow up the Naquada mine. Our reputations are made, once again, Selmak & Pookie are names to be feared by the Goa'uld!

Season 4 ~ Tangent

Boy ~ Doesn't he look scary!

Who do you think I am, Scotty?