Jake & Selmak ~ Who is in Charge of the Body?

Sel gets a lot of email from people wondering how they can tell which individual is in control of Jacob's body at a given moment. Please take a look at our cheat sheet and you'll be able to figure out who's who!


1. Distended neck veins. He's yelling at someone, more than likely a cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy symbiote by the name of Selmak.

2. That can only be described as a glower.

3. Eyebrows and eyes are looking fierce, Jake.

4. Vein throbbing.


1. No bulging neck veins.

2. That can only be described as a smile.

3. Eyes are ancient, kind, wise and amused. Eyebrows are quirked in what seems to be exceedingly good humor.

4. No vein throbbing.

Pop Quiz

Have you been paying attention? Do you know who is who?


1. Intermission - We're flipping the Switch over from Pookie to Sel.

2. Selmak, you can't help but notice the smile! Don't I look wise and compassionate? Like a Zen Mistress!

Bah! You can't help but notice the glowing eyes, Sel. - Jake

3. Mouth open to yell at the universe, vein throbbing, nose crinkled, look how frightened Sam looks. Yes, it's Pookie on a tear!