George Hammond ~ Review

Ok, I know a lot of you were wondering what Sel thought of Season 9. After all I haven't posted any reviews of it. You know, Sel has to admit that there was some good stuff happening in Season 9.

Beau Bridges, yay! Sel loved him in Maximum Bob.

Sleeves were no longer optional at the SGC, and for which I'd like to personally thank Hank Landry. I'd also like to nominate him for an award or two, except for that big problem with season 9 from which I can't recover.


The Major General having problems with his daughter. Excuse me, done to death, and I don't think they'll be sticking a Cute and Cuddly, Warm and Fuzzy Little Symbiote in Hank's head anytime soon to solve the problem.

And for a while there, during this episode, I have to admit that Sel thought George was a goner.

Lieutenant Plague Boy got too close for Sel's comfort to George when George was giving his speech. I was screaming at the TV (Annoying family, friends and other Ascendants) warning George to get away from the podium. You know, I really thought George was a goner. I mean come on, Janet Fraiser's dead. Jake's dead. Martouf's dead. Narim's dead. Jolinar's dead. It would be just like them to kill off George leaving us with Lt. Colonel Fan Boy Mitchell. (Come on, admit it, he's the fan boy you try to avoid at cons).

But fortunately, security shows up and prevents George from getting the Ori Avian Flu. Big sigh of relief. Then George disapears until the next episode, but we're treated to some reminders why GEORGE NEEDS TO COME BACK TO THE SGC IMMEDIATELY!

Ok, Hank Landry goes off world. (Does anyone remember George getting to go off world? Except in cases of extreme emergency?? No, I don't remember George going off world to visit the bad guys do you? No. He didn't. He never got to go off world and Captain Kirk his away around the universe with a beautiful alien female because he was a GENERAL. He never got to leave the BASE!) Not happy with just going off world, Hank wants to see a Prior up close and personal. The Prior then coughs, sneezes and tries to choke Hank in order to help spread the Ori Flu through air, fluid and droplet contamination. Is anyone surprised when Hank gets a cold?

Not Sel.

Anyway, George shows up back at the SGC, cryptically tells Samantha about his uncle being a wedding planner and then, George disappears FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON.

Do you think George thought Sam's wedding to Pete was still on and he was offering to plan it for her?

George gives a nice speech. Meanwhile, I was screeching at
Lt. Plague Boy to stay far, far, far away from my boy!

Isn't it great to see George again?

The Fourth Horseman

George is smirking because he doesn't have to deal with John Creighton...
ooh, I mean Cam Mitchell. One O'Neill was enough for George. O'Neill, Junior would just be too much for any sane man to handle.

Raise your flipper if you laughed and said 'That's gonna leave a mark!'

Ok, you're a two star General, and you go off world to talk to an Avian Flu Carrying, Small Pox Distributing Alien who looks like the Cigarette Smoking Dude from The X-Files except for the fact that he's wearing Pan Cake Makeup on his face. Then you taunt him for a bit, and then you act surprise when he wants to throttle you.

Yes, Boys and Girls, these are the people saving you from the Ori.

Don't you feel SAFE?


No! George! Don't go! PLEASE!

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