Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

Ok. I don't wanna talk about this one. Jacob got hurt, and I was scared... and... sniff.. sniff... I...sniff... sniff... And.. and..

We'll discuss this episode a little later, right now, Sel needs a hanky.

And a hug! And some chocolate chip cookies. Did your daughter send any through the Chappa'ai lately?

Ok, Jake Carter here.

Selmak refuses to talk about this episode, and unfortunately, she's the only one that knows what happened. The last thing I remembered was the two of us were on a special assignment when Sokar's bully boys surrounded us. Selmak then ripped control of the body from me, and I don't know what the hell happened over the next four days. I dreamed a lot, of happier times when my wife was still alive, but somehow I knew that Selmak was going through a lot of pain and abuse.

She just gives me a lot of lip whenever I ask her about what happened.

I can say this, as Selmak has overdosed on Sammy's chocolate chip cookies and she's sleeping it off, that the only reason why I was still alive when SG-1 and Martouf showed up is due to that annoying little pipsqueak of a symbiote who protected me as well as she could.

When I woke up, I heard Sammy's voice. I can't believe that she actually came there to rescue me, but I would have done the same if it had been her.

Selmak's still sleeping, so I guess that means I get to do the best part of the review.

Notable Quotables -

"Maybe it's Dad," Jack O'Neill to Sam when the Tok'Ra are coming through the gate.

For the last time, Jack, I'm not old enough to be your father unless I started really young.

"Sam?" I must be dreaming, Sammy couldn't be here, could she?

"Dad? DAD!"

"Am I dreaming?" I must be.

"No, we're real," Sam assured me.

"Are you crazy?"

Well, yeah, Jake, Sammy is. I wonder which side of the family she gets it from - Sel.

Oh great, Little Miss Mouth is up. Shouldn't you be sleeping off a dozen chocolate chip cookies?

"How's Selmak?" Martouf asked.

"He's dying," my host said sadly.

OK. Sel here. Somewhere between the time when Jake and I blended and now, I had a sex change. Originally, Jake didn't mind telling everyone I was female, but now he does.

So... I have a song, I want to sing, and I'm dedicating it to Jake.

Oh God, kill me now. When she starts singing, it's like having Alvin and Chipmunks in my head. Do you really need to sing that high? Jake

A sad Tok'ra was in the lost and found
You came along to claim it
I didn't know just what was wrong with you
'Till Dr. Phil explained it...
Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for
'Cause if I can keep you alive I don't need to do more

Jake makes me feel, Jake makes me feel
Jake makes me feel like a natural woman
Oh, baby, what you've done to me! (What you've done to me!)
I make you feel so good inside (Good inside)
And I just want to be (want to be) close to you
I just want to keep you alive!

Then when we were done and Jake was healed, we went on a trip to Alaska with Sam, and I saw a polar bear.


And I saw a lot of snow, and I put some down Pookie's back and he yelled at me... I saw another polar bear, and I saw a moose... and I saw yet another polar bear. And he chased after Jake, and Jake ran really, really fast.

What trip where you on? I don't remember any polar bears. So what no snide comments about saving Jake?


Come on, Sel, you always lord it over me whenever you fix me up. Go ahead, say it, I prevented Jake from dying again.

No. I won't. I was scared and I thought you were gonna die. I was really sad.


Yes, you big lug, I love you, you're my host, even if you are always getting yourself hurt because you think you're some sort of action hero. I wouldn't trade you in for anyone. What? You think I don't just because I won't fix your bald spot?

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