Jacob Carter ~ Reviews

Ok. If you were rather observant you would have noticed that there was a great deal of tension between General Grouch and his Symbiote.

It was our first solo assignment, and while Jake was glad to have his training wheels off, I was a little worried. I don't really think we were ready for it, and I think the main reason why nobody wanted to go locate Seth with us was because... well... Jacob was getting a reputation as a walking disaster. You all remember what happened to Tom & Jerry in Show and Tell right? Hint - he's the one that went flying out the command room window with a big gaping hole in his chest.

I think the reason why no one (e.g. Martouf and Lantesh) came with us was because they all thought that they'd be safer in the tunnels. Plus nobody actually really believed that Seth was on Earth.

Jake and I argued throughout most of this episode. He wanted to sprint down the ramp like Rocky & Bullwinkle...

Sel - Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies - Jake

I said, no, you might trip and break something. Then I wanted to give George a big kiss, and Jake said, "NO!" Notice how far away from George he was when he extended his hand to shake George's. Jake's a little parochial I noticed. He used to admit to everyone that I was female, but then he started telling everyone I was male. I think Jake's afraid that people will think he's light in the loafers or something.

Jake and I hugged his daughter instead, which was ok with me. I like his daughter. She's really nice to me, she never yells at me like her father does, and she bakes me cookies...

Can we get on with this story? - Jake

His daughter being far smarter than Jacob...


Immediately thought that there was something fishy with our desire to go hunt snipes... I mean Seth. I admitted to her that I wanted Jake to talk to his son because he was annoying me. Truthfully, Jacob wasn't, but he did have a tendency of dwelling on the fact that he hadn't gotten a Father's Day Card in twenty years or so from his son.

I hope you realize that I do really like Jacob. It's just sometimes, he's a little... exasperating. But, I wouldn't want to be wrapped around any other host's brain stem besides his.

Sel? You feeling OK? I think that was a compliment.

Pffft. Funny, Jake. Funny. Notice that I'm not laughing.

Anyway, we hunt down Seth and in the process, Jacob discovers that Fathers and Sons all over the World aren't talking to each other, and that sometimes the Father or the Son needs a good swift kick in the @ss.

Time is short, and we need to savor every moment.

All together now, I'm sure you know the song...

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.
One season following another laden with happiness and tears.

Selmak sang that song all the way from Seattle to San Diego in that high pitched, squeaky voice of hers. I was so glad to finally see Mark because it meant that Selmak would stop singing - Jake.

Notable Comments-

"Dad" - O'Neill called Jacob Dad for the very first time, and Pookie didn't say anything!

Sam also made a comment about her dad being a Goa'uld, and Seth detecting him fifty feet away. The only reason why I didn't slap her upside the face was because she was right, and Jake was pretty stupid to volunteer, but Sam, I'm a Tok'Ra. Tok'Ra...

Jake Whumping-


Jacob had to play action hero again. Seth turned Jacob into a human bowling ball and got a strike by knocking down ten of Seth's followers. Jake, next time, when the bad guy is yelling, "Tok'Ra Kree!" that's when you're supposed to blast them. You don't make a witty comment back! You only make the smart ass comment AFTER the bad guy can't hurt you. I'll give him two out of five Whumps as his pride got hurt. Least we had Seth's followers to land on and they were rather soft.

Jake - we're not telling anyone about this, ok?


Jake's not having a good time. He gets hurt and then his daughter has to save his butt. Then Jake has to be a very brave little Soldierand talk to his son. I'll give him six out of five for that.

Selmak saves Jake from:

Being used as a human bowling ball.

Selmak, the wisest, oldest and coolest Tok'Ra around mends things between Pookie and his son.

Jake Quotes

GENERAL GROUCH: So, you guys are the talk of the Tok'ra water-cooler.

O'NEILL : For what?

GENERAL GROUCH: Kicking some major HATHOR behind.

O'NEILL : Yes, we do take pride in good work.

SAM: So Dad, you don't really think we have a chance of finding this Goa'uld, do you?

GENERAL GROUCH : It's the mission GARSHAW assigned me.

SAM: You didn't request it? (He doesn't reply) Dad?

GENERAL GROUCH: Why would I request it, huh?

SAM: Come on, would it be so awful to admit that you just wanted a chance to see me?

GENERAL GROUCH: Of course not. You're right, that's why I requested it.

(Jake needs to learn how to lie convincingly)

SAM: Ok, so that's obviously not the reason. What's going on?

SELMAK (YAY!) : It is I who requested the assignment.


SELMAK: Nice to see you once again, Captain.

SAM: Likewise. So, let me ask you the same question.

SELMAK: Your father has an unresolved issue here on your planet and frankly it's beginning to irritate me.


(See Sam's pretty smart.)

SELMAK : Yes. Your father's a proud man. He refuses to seek out your brother and mend their relationship.

SAM: Yeah, well MARK isn't exactly rushing into my father's arms either. Even when we thought Dad was gonna die, he wouldn't take my call.

SELMAK : It hurt your father deeply when his son didn't come to him on his deathbed.

JACOB takes back control from SELMAK

GENERAL GROUCH : Now why would it hurt? As far as I was concerned, the kid wasn't my son anymore. It didn't hurt a bit.

Liar. Liar. Jacob's pants are on fire! Oops... that's the next show.

JACOB : Well, SELMAK'S pushing me to go mend some fences.

SAM: I guess SELMAK is as wise as they say. Look, I'll go with you, when do you want to do it?

JACOB : No, I didn't say I'd go, I just said SELMAK'S pushing it.

CRANKY ATF GUY : You have a rather insubordinate subordinate, General.

JACOB : He's not insubordinate to me. Only to people such as yourself. Saves me the trouble. Now maybe you can tell us what you and your cohorts are planning here.

SAM : Yeah, but he'll sense you're Goa'ulds as soon as you're within fifty feet. And with the arsenal he's got we wouldn't even get close to him without being gunned down.

Not nice Sam. You need to bake a lot of cookies to make that comment up to me.

Selmak's Comments

I'm proud of Pookie, even if he has a distressing tendency of getting hurt.

Jake's Response

Geez. I think I've just been damned with faint praise.

Season 3 ~ Seth

I still think Saroosh would think George is cute. ~ Sel

General Grouch

This is just so embarassing

I hope Garshaw never sees this as we'll be the laughing stocks of the Tok'Ra!

Well at least we had something soft to land on.

You Nitwit! When the bad guy yells, Tok'Ra Kree, you don't stop! That's when you zap them with the hand device!! ~ Sel
Sel ~ stop yelling, I have a migraine ~ Jake.

Don't worry Dad, next time you'll get the bad guy.