Don S. Davis ~ Screen Caps

Set in 1962 during the Cuban Missle Crisis, this story has a mother of two and her Zany Aunt (Aunt Zee) taking over a roadside cafe. Auntie Zee stirs up trouble when she tries to scare a grouchy neighbor. Instead of being scared, he believes that he has seen an angel, and repents of all his sin. Naturally, the good townfolk of Small Town, USA are concerned when the Grouchy Neighbor claims to have seen an angel.

Don is Dr. Norman, who is one of those that believe that the neighbor should be committed. He's only in a couple short scenes.

Don and another one of Sel's favorite character actors ~ John Bedford Lloyd.

John's usually heads and shoulders above the rest as he's only a mere 6'5".

The three doubting Thomases see the light ~ or in this case, the fireworks.



Waiting for the Light

Doctor Don does a housecall.

Auntie Zee is quite ill.

Don and Terri Garr.

Looking pensive.

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