Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Caps

Sel would like to thank her friend Susanne from Stargate-Planet.De for capping these pictures. Sel got so excited when she first saw this movie that she spilled her Biggie Gulp Drink and her Tub o' Popcorn, as this movie was your stereotypical Disaster Movie ala the Towering Inferno or the Poseidon Adventure. You know, lots and lots of balding, dark haired character actors with Stashes as apparently just about every character actor in the early 1990's had dark hair and a heavy 'stash. (With the noticable exception of Don Davis in the 90's, as he had red hair and a stash).

Sel was in Boy Toy Heaven, as not only was Carmen in this, but so was Bruce (I'm not balding, Sel!) McGill and John M. Jackson. You might know the boys better as D-Day from Animal House and Admiral Albert Jethro 'A.J.' Chegwidden from Jag.

Oh, and Moses was in it, along with John Boy Walton and....

No, that's not Carmen. That's John M. Jackson!

Bruce? Do you think I look like John?

Carmen and D-Day!

See... another balding character actor jumps in.

Bruce McGill is secretly glad that Selmak
decided not to do a website on him.

As is John M. Jackson, who is hearing a high, shrill voice
that no one else can hear.

John, NOT CARMEN, and Richard Thomas

Sel gets all fangrrrrrrlish.



Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232
aka Ten Thousand Character Actors Have A Field Day.


John's waiting for the plane to come in.

Carmen, some other guy and Moses.

John, NOT Carmen.

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