Don S. Davis ~ Poltergeist

Don is a doomed lawyer named Harold Taggart in this delightful show that features a dead Southern Belle who had dabbled in necromancy and slept with the corpse of her dead lover for forty years. Anyway the Southern Belle goes off her rocker, and decides to take over her niece's body. Harold gets on the Dead Belle's bad side by trying to sell her house.

Yup, that means Don's character gets killed. So if you're squeamish, don't look at the last couple pics.

Poor Harold. He never had a chance.

And to Sel's delight, Garry Chalk made an appearance, though he spoke with a Southern Accent rather than dear old Chekov's Russian accent.
As you can tell, Garry's wondering why he ended up here.
Don just warns Garry that there's no escape from the Evil that is Selmak.
Nice Hat, Harold!
Poltergeist ~ The Legacy
Another view of the hat..
Another Hat pic. Sel likes hats, but she can't wear any.
Naturally Sel shrieked, "Watch out HAROLD!"
One very pissed off Dead Southern Belle.
Say Goodnight Harold.

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