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August 25, 2007 ~ What's up?

Carmen's working! He will be in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th episode of HOUSE. They should air starting in October.

August something or other, 2007 ~ What's new?

One of our Top Secret Jaffa Agents reports that Tony is quoted in this article about the Berkley Rep's 40th anniversary. There's a pic of him from American Buffalo also!

August 13, 2007 ~ What's new?

Candy reported in that Garry is working. (Yay!)

He'll be portraying a cop on the animated show Roll Bots. From what Sel could find out, it's a twenty six episode 3D animated action-comedy series for kids.

Garry will also be appearing in the new CW show Aliens in America as a cop.

Plus Candy was kind enough to cap Garry in Freddy vs Jason. You'll never guess his role!!! Garry portrays a..... cop.

August 7, 2007 ~ What's up?

Our interview with Karen Miller is up. She's the author who wrote Allegiances which featured that super cool duo, Selmak & Whats-his-face!

August 4, 2007 ~ What's new?


They canceled The Dresden Files. Does this site have the kiss o' death for TV shows and actors or what? Sel's beginning to get a (bigger) complex. Ne'er fear, we'll keep the Terry section up.

*sniffles sadly*

Bonnie Hammer, I'm available to be hired to review all your new TV Shows. Everything I like, you just don't bother putting the air, ok?

Wrestling! on the Sci Fi Channel! What Madness!

August 1, 2007 ~ What's new?

I have to admit that I was surprised by the deluge of happy emails today stating pretty much, "I'm so glad that the boys are working and aren't pan handling on the streets of LA, Vancouver and NYC." (And yes, guys, these ARE your fans. Aren't you scared? Goodness knows, I was a little alarmed.)

Our Top Secret Tony source was able to shake out information on Tony's new movie. It's called Pizza with Bullets. It's a Mob story.

July 31, 2007 ~ What's new with the site?

Good grief! Do none of these men have work? There has been nothing new on the site for quite a while. I suppose they need vacation too -- but it's making me worried for their careers! :0

A Very Concerned Fan

Dear AVCF,

Well... yeah. It's been a while since Selmak updated. You see she fell under the sway of an Not So Evil Magician at Shore Leave... and well... here's a pic before they ran off together to read HP & TDH.

Then she was next to useless, as she kept droning on and on about the Velvet Voice and after she read the book ... well... she was wrecked for weeks.

Err... Putting it on a little thick, right?

Ok, there was nothing much to report lately so that why there hasn't been any updates. Plus Helena's been a might busy with real life.

Though the Idea of Selmak running off with Severus Snape was pretty funny.

(Mental comment to Selmak:

We're NOT adding Alan Rickman to the site. ~ Unnamed Payer of the Hosting Costs.

But he's British! He'd add some class! ~ Sel)

From our secret sources:

Tony Amendola just finished a low budget film in June. We don't know anything else, so shoot us an email if you hear anything. He also just finished shooting an episode of Dexter. Dexter is a Showtime production of a serial killer who just happens to work for the Miami PD.

Don Davis is rumored to be working also. He is listed in Ghost Prison and he's marked as rumored to be appearing in Far Cry.

We'd also like to wish one of the August Birthday Boys a Happy Birthday!

We hope to have our interview up with Karen Miller shortly. So that's our Carmen related tidbit for this update.

Garry Chalk was rumored to be working on one of the Vancouver episodes TV shows, and for the life of Selmak, I can't find the email that told me which one. (I'll be good, Garry. Just don't make me watch PainKiller Jane again, ok? )

Terry's been busy with reports of appearances coming in only after he's been there and gone. Still no word on The Dresden Files... and Gerard? Well, he's our Man o' Mystery on the site. No info on him either.

Oh, and we recently had our 70,000 visitor to the site. Scary, ain't it?

July 9, 2007 ~ What's up?

Thanks to Candy for capping Garry in "The Fly Part II".

Also Selmak and Jacob are featured in a Stargate Novel called ALLEGIANCE by Karen Miller. Karen is willing to answer questions from the studio audience (that being the two whole people that faithfully visit this site...).

Err... don't worry Karen, we actually get about 3,000 visitors a month.

So any questions you might have about it or the sequel. Feel free to drop Selmak an email. She'll be taking emails until Monday, July 16, 2007.

July 2, 2007 ~ What's up?

It's summer time, which means Sel is far too busy sitting by the Glo Club Pool working on her tan rather than working on her site. [Ok, there's actually not much happening on the Da Boys]

As some of you may know, The Dresden Files has not been officially renewed or canceled. If you like TDF, please call and leave a message with your comments on SciFi Channel's Viewer Comments line, at 212-664-3571. The actors' contracts are rumored to have expired... so it may not do a lot of good. But, come on... Sel needs at least one boy on the site that's gainfully employed as a regular on a series.

Else she'll start getting a complex.

This is why Sel DOESN'T like watching the SciFi Channel. Every show she likes gets axed. Sel's still irked about John and Aeryn being turned into Sugar Cubes as the Farscape Finale.

Oh, and while Sel's single handedly destroying the boys' careers by jinxing them, she just wanted to post this all import message. We apologize in advance if we destroy Alan's career. :)

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