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April 28, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Sel just got back from Cleveland Vulkon (she took a cheap flight back) and is finally getting her Dear Sel letters answered.

April 25, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Carmen's doing BioniCon1. Or you can go to Thanks to Kathleen for the info. Once upon a time, Carmen was in the Bionic Woman, as King Kusari, a Arabian King of some sort that Jamie Sommers had to protect.

Don't forget Carmen's on CSI on the 27th in the States. If you can cap it, and want to share, contact Sel. She will give you oodles and oodles of credit as that's the type of Symbiote that she is. [Her Mamma, Egeria, raised her right].

April 22, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Garry in Time to Remember.

April 20, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is~

"The Still Life"
movie starring Jason Barry, Rachel Miner, Robert Miano, Terry Moore and Don S. Davis is now an "Official Selection" of the 2006 FAIF International Film Festival and will screen at the Mann's Chinese 6 Theaters in the heart of Hollywood! Festival Dates are October 5 - 14, 2006.

April 19, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Garry ~ The Dead Zone ~ Turning Point.

April 18, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Garry ~ The Dead Zone ~ Destiny Screen Caps

Sel got a couple new awards for her blends.

Sel would also like to mention LisaSpoAvonWalk Project Teddy Bear - info is in the right column.

Oh, and her Top Secret Sources report that both Don and Tony will be shooting episodes of SG in the new couple weeks. As for Carmen, well, Jake's still dead. Can you tell Sel's still a little BITTER about that?

April 14, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Sel's been very, very, very BUSY, working her flippers to the bone to give you info on all of her boys (Yes! That includes Garry!). First of all, a big Tok'Ra Thank you to Tels, for sending Sel lots and lots of good stuff on her boys.

Tony at SG9 pics.

Garry at SG9, plus screen caps from SUPERVOLCANO! with Tom McBeath and Garwin Sanford. (Squee! Squee! Squee!)

Sooooz was kind enough to inform Sel that Carmen's appearance on CSI:Law Vegas on the episode Rashomama is upcoming on April 27, 2006. Carmen is portraying Sylvano Fatelli.

And well... don't worry Sel's got info on Don. Uhmmm... uhmmm... uhmmmm... Uhmm.... Boy we all love Don, don't we.... and we'd all love to know what he's doing right now...especially Selmak....uhmmm... uhmmm....

Ah! I got some news!

"The Still Life" will air at the Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts in Aarhus, Denmark, April 20th - 25th, 2006.

"The Still Life" will air at the Great Lakes Film Festival in Erie, PA, USA, September 20th-24th, 2006.

Plus, there's a really cool new yahoo group for George Hammond and Sam Carter shippers. The group motto being if you're gonna screw the regs, you might as well do the General!

And now, Sel wants to wish everyone a happy holiday and now she's going to sleep as she's really tired after all the updates.

But first, a word of advice! Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, puts SEL in the corner!

Huh? All 5 visitors to


April 13, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Cleaned up Zorro II pics in the Tony Section. Got some Dead Zone pics for Garry Chalk up also.

April 10, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Tony ~ Charmed ~ Womb Raider.

April 7, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Tony Screen Caps ~ Charmed ~ Marry-Go~Round.

April 3, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Updated the Garry section. Also Sel is able to point you in the direction of another Carmen @ ICON adventure story involving the Tok'Ra Teddy bear.

April 1, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Tony Amendola and Don Davis will be returning to Stargate in Season 10. As for Carmen, well, it appears Jake's still dead. <Thanks guys!>

Sel's proud to announce the two latest winners of Selmak's Web Awards.

Elvellon's Creation

Marietta Ivanov's

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