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April 1, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Tony Amendola and Don Davis will be returning to Stargate in Season 10. As for Carmen, well, it appears Jake's still dead. <Thanks guys!>

Sel's proud to announce the two latest winners of Selmak's Web Awards.

Elvellon's Creation

Marietta Ivanov's

March 31, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

The boys are still a little irked with me about the new sub section, so just ignore them. (Glares at them)

Sel would like to announce her latest award, the very pretty, very spring like Elvellon's Fantastic Character Award!

March 30, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Sel's finally gotten around to reviewing The Fourth Horseman.

Shhhh!! Don't tell the boys, but I've decided to dedicate a small part of my site to another unsung Stargate Hero, Colonel Chekov aka Garry Chalk.

Nothing against my boys, but the site is almost 400 pages (and over 100 megs!) of assorted Sel's Boy Toys related stuff. I don't think there's much left out there that I don't have on them unless Bra'tac decides to cough up his mama's super secret Jaffa Goulash recipe.

It's under construction and not part of the main site, but feel free to stop by and visit. Remember, don't tell the boys as they'll pout!

SEL! ~ Jake

Uh oh! Who ratted me out?

I hear all this banging noise. There's an "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" notice and you've been banging away at your laptop a little too much lately. Did you adopt ANOTHER Boy Toy? ~ Jacob

Jacob, I have my flippers full with the three of you. Do you really think I'm woman enough to handle another Boy Toy?

March 28, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news ~

Carmen Argenziano in Moment of Truth ~ To Walk Again. Thanks to Tels for capping!

Thanks to Strider6 for permission to post her ICON photos!

March 27, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news ~

Anna's ICON pics of Carmen are up! Thanks, Anna!

Don is no longer listed on the Starbase Indy guest list, so that event has been removed from our con list.

March 26, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

According to our sources at ICON (Anna Li), Carmen's gainfully employed! He is currently filming a CSI episode where he is a Mob Boss, plus he did an episode of Commander & Chief in which he was supposed to be a journalist. They filmed the episode, but then they didn't like the episode, so they scrapped the whole thing. They then invited Carmen back to be a senator...which was a much reduced part...but at least he'll be in it.

Anna also was kind enough to grab some shots of Carmen at ICON and Sel will be posting them also. Thanks Anna!!!!

Plus other people reported to Selmak that Carmen's in the All My Sons play at the Geffen Playhouse (April ~ March 2006). A good friend of Sel's has gotten tickets and will be giving Sel a review and report on the play. Note: Carmen is a standin for the main character but has been guaranteed a few shows.

March 24, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

According to Gateworld ~ Don will be appearing in Season 10! Yay!

March 23, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is ~

Carmen's schedule for the upcoming Icon con has been posted.

Saturday ~ he's doing a talk entitled "Wise Old Men" with Ron Glass between 11AM & 12 PM.

Saturday Q&A - Q&A 3:oo - 3:30 PM

Saturday afternoon 'Then and Now' - Which is Easier? - Argenziano, Marjean Holden, Kevin Sorbo (anybody watch Crusade? You'll know who Marjean was.)

Sunday afternoon - Q&A 3:oo - 3:30 PM

If anyone's attending, feel free to drop Sel a con report. She's not going as her Tel'Tak license got suspended. Something about doing Mach 30 in a Mach 5 zone? OK ~ truthfully Sel just didn't want to deal with the Long Island Expressway.

March 19, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Don's doing Starbase Indy in November 2006. Thanks to Kimberly for the info!

March 18, 2006 ~ Sel's still recouping from waking up in a vat of Guinness but ~

She won a new award! The Stargate Files General Awards!

March 17, 2006 ~ Sel's busy drinking green beer, but...

She'd like to announce her newest award ~ The Simply Stellar Awards. Our March winners are:


Tels Fanfic ~ Stargate related fanfic

Steadfast's Den ~ Non-Stargate Related but a good fic never the less. Drop by Steadfast's and tell him Sel send you.

The Pookie Award aka The Jake Carter Injury Free Zone Award has also been awarded to:

Tricia's Little Den of Depravity.

March 14, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Carmen Screen Caps "Hunter".

And thanks to Soooooz for informing Sel that Don Davis will be attending MarsCon 2007 in Bloomington, MN.

March 12, 2006 ~ Helena's latest news ~

Congratulations to Sel for her 35,000th Vistor! We were going to have a big party for reaching that milestone but someone (Selmak) has absconded with the dancing boys.

Wow ~ 35,000 + visitors to this site. The mind truly boggles at that thought.

March 10, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Tony in Blow, Don in The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw and... drum roll... Michael Termini from "What's Up, Scarlet?" was kind enough to let Sel post several exclusive photos of Carmen from the set.

Thes Michael Termini pics are large, high quality pics, so Sel advises that dial up users may have problems.

March 9, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Sel wants to show off her newest award.

March 6, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Don in Waiting for the Light.

Like Tok'ra fanfic? Sel recommends

March 3, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Sel recommends Hotitudinosity if you like Slash fic with unusual pairings.
No Jake, George or Bra'tac, but lots of Aiden, Teal'c and others.

Sel's friend Susanne was kind enough to cap The Crash of Flight 232: aka I've got so many character actors with dark hair and a stash that I can't keep tell them apart.

March 1, 2006 ~ Sel's latest news is:

Susanne was kind enough to cap Don Davis in The Marshal. It was off a wmv.file so it's not as crisp as if it was a DVD. But Sel's happy anyway, as she hasn't ever seen The Marshal, so even a slightly fuzzy Don is great!

One of Sel's Con Buddies finally got her banner done, so Sel would like to post it here.

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