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June 23, 2009 ~ Wow what a bad symbiote Sel's been!

It seems that the possibility of Don's artwork being made available was published a bit earlier than planned. At last report, it's still in the works.

Tony Amendola was interviewed by It's currently in German but an English version will be available shortly.

Carmen's new project is Ghostwriter.

Tony Amendola is appearing at GATECON10 July 8-11,2009.

One of Sel's top Secret Jaffa connections pointed out this you tube video that has Tony Amendola entering the Old Vic in London. Our Spies are EVERYWHERE!


June 11, 2009 ~ What's up?

It has been recently announced that Gary Chalk (voice of several past Optimi) will be joining David Kaye (voice of several past Megatron's, and Animated Optimus Prime) in attendance at this year's MechaCon in Lafayette, LA.

Gary will also be putting on a special acoustic performance for dinner attendees on Friday, July 24th at 6:00 PM. The dinner is a formal/semi-formal event and is available by reservation only. For more information on this and other events taking place during this years MechaCon you can check out the website by clicking here.

MechaCon takes place at the Hilton Lafayette, July 24th-26th.

June 6, 2009 ~ What's up?

To join the Anteaus Theater Companies Facebook page, click here.

June 5, 2009 ~ What's new?

Garry Chalk will be attending MechaCon V. July 24 -26, 2009 located at Hilton Lafayette, 1521 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 70503-3158. Our friends at MechaCon dropped us a note:

Thought you might be interested in this:

Garry will be joining David Kaye at MechaCon V to celebrate 25 Years of Transformers!

(Kindly ignore's Sel's quivering lips) From Don's official website.

Thank you for your continued support and wonderful emails.

If there are any fans that have any interest in Don's artwork please visit

This year, we will make limited editions of his work available. For more information, please leave me an email at our guestbook.


Ruby Fleming Davis

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since Don ascended.

June 3, 2009 ~ What's up?

Carmen made an appearance in Saginaw, Michigan for the world premiere of Street Boss. Haven't been able to track down any photos.

Gerard will be seen on ABC. Quote 'Earth And Moon Are On A Collision Course In The Thrilling Limited Series "IMPACT," June 21, 28.' Wow. How did the Sci Fi Channel miss grabbing this one? (Snark, snark, snark)

May 26, 2009 ~ What's up?

Tony Amendola will be appearing at the production of Matt Pepper's St. Crispin's Day. Monday, June 1st, 2009. Potluck begins at 6:30pm, Reading begins at 7:30pm. RSVP:

The Antaeus Potluck Tradition

Our Monday night Potluck Readings allow friends of Antaeus to explore with us the process of working on a play from the page to the stage. From reading, to workshop, to ClassicFest event, to full get a behind-the-scenes look at how we get there! Theater and good food are made for each other! Bring a dish that feeds 8 - 10 people, or come and help yourself ... with a $10 donation to the fishbowl!

May 18, 2009 ~ Latest from Sel ~

Tony Amendola will be appearing at Collectormania, Friday 5th to Sunday 7th June 2009 located at the Stadium:MK, Stadium Way West, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST Junction 14 of the M1. Only 1hour drive from London or Birmingham. Thanks to Top Secret Jaffa Agent MB!

Carmen's role in Demon and Angels per our Top Secret Tok'Ra Source L. "Carmen is only in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie. He doesn't play one of the 4 missing cardinals. He plays a priest who is a scientist working at a research facility with another scientist to create antimatter. Carmen looks great in the movie however so go see it!!"

May 11, 2009 ~ Sel says ~

Top Secret Tok'Ra Agent G reports that Carmen has a nice close up in the History Channel's "ANGELS AND DEMONS Decoded" Documentary on Vatican secrets with clips of new Tom Hanks film.

May 6, 2009 ~ Sel says ~

Tony will be involved in the Anteas Academy Shakespeare Workout: an ongoing, year-round program hosted by a different expert moderator every month. In June on Wednesdays from 2 - 5pm, it will be Tony Amendola - SW: Poetic License.for more info, email Cindy:

It's been quite a while since any of the boys have gone a conning, and Garry Chalk will be in Vancouver, attending the June 12 -14, 2009 Anime Evolution at the Vancouver Trade and Exhibition Center.

May 2, 2009 ~ Selmak says ~

Every Christmas, she asks for a Lt. General George Hammond action figure, and this July 29, 2009 - it will be available! (On a personal note, Sel is getting all misty-eyed and Jake's brain all wet as she wonders how Don would have reacted to being turned into an action figure.)

April 22, 2009 ~ Happy Earth Day!

Tony will be part of the South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa's 12th Annual Pacific Playwrights' Festival on May 3, 2009 at 10:30 am. Tony Amendola, Matt Letscher, and Maria Thayer will headline Julia Cho's The Language Archive, directed by Mark Brokaw, about an unraveling marriage.

Behind the Scenes has a nice chat with Garry Chalk. Did you also know that Garry has an unofficial facebook fan group?

March 15, 2009 ~ Tony news!

A terrified Tony stopped by to inform Sel that he's actually on THREE weeks of CSI:NY starting this Wednesday. YAY! Err... Big Yay about Tony working, not so big Yay that he's terrified. ;)

Tony's role in The Perfect Role is described as "Wonderfully sick".

March 5, 2009 ~ Tony news!

Tony is rumored to be appearing in this Friday's episode of "DollHouse" but Tony Amendola is listed as the character name?

February 24, 2009 ~ Sel's latest

Tony Amendola will be appearing in CSI:NY on March 18, 2009.

February 22, 2009 ~ Selmak's latest

Carmen Argenziano
to appear in Criminal Mind. Carmen's episode is titled "Demonology" and will air on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

February 17 2009 ~ Ignore Sel's Fangrrrl shriek.

They're doing a Hammond Action Figure with the THREE STARS (rather than the two!). Click here for some pics! (This is where Sel gets sniffly wondering what Don would have thought about being reduced to four inches of plastic. Sniff. Sniff.)


Garry turns 29 on Tuesday, so let's give him a big ole Selmak Happy Birthday!

February 13, 2009 ~ Sel's been a bad symbiote!

Our top secret Tok'Ra sources have been prodding Selmak with a big, sharp stick... err... teasing her with tasty tidbits on the boys!

Jaffa Agent MB reports on an interview with Read You Like a Book's Robert Zagone. Tony is mentioned. She also reported on information on Tony from the Chalk Repertory Theater regarding his role in the Three Sisters, alimited engagement running from January 30 - February 22, 2009. The play is located at the Historic Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Speaking of Chalk, (what a segue!), our Top Secret Chalk Spiller of Details...err... Garry's number one fan, reports, "Garry mentioned about a month or so ago that he had been filming a western called "Angel and the Badman" with Lou Diamond Phillips. I also believe he was riding a horse in the film at some point since he had mentioned being very sore from horse back riding around the same time. Not that horse back riding is anything new to him, far from it, but I guess it has been some time since he has done it. Heh heh. As usual he wasn't specific about his part in the movie but I bet he's probably a small town sheriff or deputy. ;)"

"And let us not forget that "Watchmen" is coming out on March 6th in theaters. Remember that Garry had told me he had landed a small part in that. I hope they keep it in the movie. >_<

Sel also got a nice letter from J, 'I also want to say, I love your website. It is funny and uplifting. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it.'

Sel is blushing. :)

January 1, 2009 ~ Sel wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Don was recently seen in the pilot of "To Love and Die". According to G, Top Secret Tok'Ra Agent, it will be replayed on January 5 in the States. Don had told Sel that he played an ex-husband. It will be replayed on USA Network on January 5th at 11:00 AM EST.

Sel's New Year Resolution is to be a little better at updating the site. What with increases in Real Life responsibilities, assorted computer issues and all that (And a big case of Sel being Blue after Don's Death), we haven't been that into the site as much as we should be. So sorry for that.

December 27, 2008 ~ Not much new to report. Santa Symbiote says that Sel was firmly in the bad section of the galaxy, so she didn't get her Lt. General Hammond action figure (With the three stars instead of two) and her Jacob Carter, not so action figure (complete with all the injuries he's suffered through the years).

Sel's got caps from Don's film Beneath. It's got a scene in it where Don's character dies so Sel hasn't been able to bring herself to watch it until now. *sniff*

Carmen's still showing up now and then on the Young and the Restless as the D.A., so hopefully his character will be recurring!

November 27, 2008 ~ We've got a regular Selapalooza update!

Yes, we have updates on ALL the boys, including Gerard and Terrence. (Can someone call for an ambulance for that excited fangrrl that hyperventiliated at IP please? ~ Note ~ Techie humor!! For the non-techies, that was hysterically funny.)

Eileen Grubba was nice enough to submit a nice memorial of Don Davis and some pics of her with the boys from the Balding Bad Boys of Oz SciFi Tour (Carmen and Don's trip to Australia last year). (So yes, if you're a Carmen fan, the pics have him in them also.) Note: large photos so if you're on dialup, will take a bit to load.

Eileen was also kind enough to snitch that Carmen has finished filming his role of Silvano Ventivoglio in Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks. She also let Sel know that she and Carmen will be shortly performing in "Quadrimonial" by Katherine Cortes in the Actor's Studio.

Uhh... Eileen... you really don't need to mention this site to Carmen. It's a sad, sad thing when actors cry.

Also about to cry is Garry Chalk, as Sel reveals his secret vice. He's a fan of Ugly Betty. (Is nothing sacred to Selmak? Heck no!) Her secret spies (C.) informed Sel that he's also has a role in Tornado Alley. Sel was unable to find out any information about this role at IMDB. C. was also kind enough to cap Garry in Supernatural so we've got piccies of Garry!

Sel managed to locate an interview with the rather illusive (compared to her other boys) Gerard Plunkett. It's about his business, Green World Electic Vehicles located in Vancouver and recent renovations on Cambie Street.

Tony Amendola was a last minute replacement for Gary Jones. at the “Trinity in Space” Convention, November 21-23 2008 in Bad Salzdetfurth (Germany). Sel's Field Agent L, reports that Tony was charming as always.

And if you want the Terrence Mann updates, then go to the Terrence section. Sel tries to keep her Stargate boys separate from Bob as he's such a jealous ghost.

November 1, 2008 ~ Ooops!

Sel forget to mention another of MB's contributions. Gateworld's got an interview with Tony Amendola and he discusses Don in part of it.

October 31, 2008 ~ Happy Halloweenie!

Sel's got a great report on Gatecon and Garry from Candi. Garry's been busy working. He did a few cartoons including a Care Bear Movie.

One of her favorite Jaffa spies, MB, reported that there is a bit on YOU TUBE for The Heiress. Thanks so much, MB! We've acquired a few pics from the play here.

Here's a few reviews regarding The Heiress. Review 1 and Review 2.

We missed Carmen's Birthday, and while we were at it, we didn't mention Tony or Don's birthday. So Happy Belated Birthday to three of Sel's Boy Toys! (So Glad that Garry Chalk has never found this site, and let's keep it that way, Gary Spies, ok?)

October 18, 2008 ~ What's new?

Sel would like to apologize for the recent lack of updates. We had an issue with our FTL drive due to Goa'ulds and Pookie and I had to blast them in order to get the site running again. But being the super action heroes that you know us to be, we were able to beat them back and regain control of the ship ~ Sel

FTP access, not FTL! File Transfer Protocol, NOT FASTER THAN LIGHT DRIVE. Our network administrator changed some stuff and we couldn't FTP into the site. ~ Helena

FTL is so much more exotic sounding, Helena. ~ Selmak

Since someone is being a brat, I almost didn't mention the fact that Garry Chalk is supposedly on an upcoming Supernatural episode.

October 1, 2008 ~ What's new?

Tony Amendola will be appearing in The Heiress at the South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, California, October 17 - November 16, 2008.

Thanks to Anne from GuardFans.Com, we've got caps of Don from his episode of The Guard!

September 19, 2008 ~ What's up with Sel?

IMDB has a few video clips of the boys up. Carmen Argenziano. Tony Amendola, Don S. Davis, Garry Chalk and Gerard Plunkett.

Don will be in SciFi Channel's VIPERS this Sunday, September 21, 9PM EST.

And we should have some new exciting stuff up on the site. A report on Garry at Gatecon and some pics of Don from The Guard. Sel's just been really busy with work so she hasn't been able to update the site.

August 29, 2008 ~ What's new with Sel?

We had our 100,000th Visitor today! It was a visitor from Romania, and we would have offered them a nice prize, but they ran off screaming in terror.

Ruby Fleming-Davis spoke about Don at the recent Gatecon, and apparently there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Tony Amendola is involved with Josh Whedon's DOLLHOUSE. No one has been able to report if it's a recurring, guest star role or what.

Garry Chalk was apparently quite the charmer at Gatecon. Not that Sel would ever know that from personal experience, as well she's not allowed to leave the States. (Joke!)

August 26, 2008 ~ The Excitement looms!

Selmak is busy cleaning up the website, and dusting off the links as pretty soon, our 100,000th visitor will visit!

Yes, our 100,000th visitor. Ain't it scary?

August 20, 2008 ~ Last minute news!

Tony's doing the Chicago Creation con this weekend, replacing Lexa D.

August 11, 2008 ~ What's new?

Garry's doing GATECON August 21-24, 2008 up in Vancouver. He's not on the website, but Selmak has been told repeatedly by different sources that he is attending.

You can catch Tony in MEDEA, August 12 & 13th.

August 3, 2008 ~ We've got issues (And a few updates.)

It appears that Sel went over her website storage alotment again (SURPRISE!) and while she quickly fixed the issue, it appears that there might be missing pages/images on the site. If you see any missing pages, or you get a funky error that says, "Error: template 'CommerceServer,blahblah" please email sel and send her the link. There's over 600 pages on this site and weighing in at over 200 megs, I might not find it for a while!"

Gary recently finished a Supernatural episode. The name of the movie that Garry was working on in Mobile, Alabama several weeks ago is called "The Saints of Mt. Christopher" and his character's name was E. Herbert Mcinnis. (Thanks Candi!)

Thanks to Candi for capping Garry in MacGuyver - Thin Ice and Deadly Dreams.

And tomorrow is Don's birthday. (sniff sniff)

July 20, 2008 ~ Sel's back from Shore Leave.

And what fun did she have! She and her fellow Tok'Ra-ettes had a grand time, and they did quite a few toasts in honor of Don. From what she can rather fuzzily remember, a great many tall tales were told of various Don ~ fan encounters, none of which Sel can dare repeat as well, someone will probably rat her out to Don's wife. (You'd be amazed at the frequency that the Goa'ulds rat out Sel.)

Jumpcon has seemingly crashed and burned like the Hindenburg aka FEDCONUSA, so Sel's removed it from the list of cons.

Some people have contacted Selmak regarding making a donation to the American Heart Assocation in Don's memory. They want to ensure that their donation is marked for Don and the AHA apparently wanted a contact address for the family.

The only suggestion Sel has is to use his agent's address.

Mrs. Don S. Davis
c/o Leonard Bonnell
The Characters Talent Agency
1505 West 2nd Avenue - 2nd Floor
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6H 3Y4

Hopefully that will help.

Sel's proud to post a new link in her link collection. While it's a fanfic site for Danny and not Sel specific, Robin assures her that "I just have to point out here that in my own fan fiction, when I write about Jacob/Selmak, I keep her as a her... which she is... " and "Sel is my favorite Tok'Ra", so naturally Sel wants to share the link with everyone! 'Cos we all know that Sel's female, which makes Jake get all squirrely in the head.

Next update, we'll have some Garry Chalk screen caps! We promise! And we might even get a few new ones of Don up.

July 8, 2008 ~ More Memories of Don

We're continuing to hear from fans in reference to Don. Joel Miller, producer and director of The Still Life also contributed. Our latest is here while check out here for new links on Don from around the web.

July 4, 2008 ~ Another Day, more memories of Don ~

There's been a few additions to the Don Memorial.

July 3, 2008 ~ Our top Secret Spies report:

Garry is working! He'll be starting to shoot a Christmas movie called, "Christmas Town" this week.

MCB reported to Selmak this rather interesting tidbit about Tony.

Just thought you might like some additional information regarding Tony's past. My sister and I both knew him (though neither of us knew him very well), as we are originally from New Haven, CT, and both of us attended Sacred Heart Academy (SHA) in Hamden, CT.

My sister was attending SHA while he did some acting roles at the school. Several of my friends and I were his students at S.C.S.U. (Southern Connecticut State College (SCSC) at the time) in 1978. While an undergraduate student at Southern Connecticut State University, he performed in leading roles in several musicals at Sacred Heart Academy, an all-girls college preparatory high school in Hamden, Connecticut. Tony taught theater classes at Southern Connecticut State University, including a course in Stage Speaking, during the Spring semester in 1978.

While teaching Stage Speaking at Southern Connecticut State University, the students were taught several enunciation exercises which included such nonsensical phrases as "buh-duh-guh-duh buh-duh-guh-duh" and "maaaaah-mah-mah".

Yeah, just image Master Bra'tac saying "buh-duh-guh-duh buh-duh-guh-duh" and "maaaaah-mah-mah" ~ Snarky Sel

I still remember the first time I saw him in an episode of Miami Vice - quite a shock! It was an even bigger shock when I went to see Zorro with my husband and there was Tony up on the big screen. [...]Fortunately, I said his name out loud just before it came onscreen, or I don't know if my husband would have believed me when I said Tony was the guy who'd taught my stage speaking class in college.

It's not often folks in acting careers make it big. I'm glad Tony's one of those who did!

July 3, 2008 ~ The Memorial to Don is open!

Sel's Memorial to Don is now open! Several of your fellow fans have shared their memories of Don.

July 1, 2008 ~ A Tribute to Don ~

I've been amazed by the sheer volume of visitors that had popped in to visit since Don's death was announced yesterday. There has been almost a thousand visitors in slightly more than 24 hours.

Obviously Don touched a great many lives, so I'd like to start up a Tribute to Don section.  If you wish to share a fond memory you have of Don, please email Selmak,and she'll put up a Memorial Page for Don.

Just email Sel your memory, pictures or whatever and she'll handle the rest.

June 30, 2008 ~ A moment of silence please...

Don Davis passed away yesterday. I really wanted to say something profound about Don, but words fail me.

Don was a Southern Gentleman whose accent always got thicker whenever the women were around. He had perfected the "Aww Geez Shucks, I'm working in Hollywood because I can fall off a horse and not get hurt" act down cold as it would usually involved woman fans running over and hugging him to help him with his supposed self-esteem problem. It was amazing to watch Don work the charm at a con.

Don had a sense of humor as he never once threatened Selmak or me with his laywers to shut the site down. I'd often find out that he was browsing Selmak.Org after his spy would tell him about the latest "You won't believe what she found out about you NOW, Don."

So I'd continue to make snarky comments because that's just the type of girl I am. And Don was always gracious, though probably truthfully frightened by what I could find on him. He asked me once, "Where do you FIND this stuff?"

Sel ~ "The internet, netflix, ebay and fellow fans."

My personal favorite? Commenting on his 'wooden performance' in 200. Which he then acquired and started using as a punch line at his con appearances.

Don was the type of guy willing to hold a stuffed snake and get his picture taken with it. Oh, yes, and while wearing a lei. He adored his wife, loved his family, enjoyed his career and he appreciated his fans.

Thank you, Don, for everything. Even if you were too scared to do an interview with Selmak.

Yes, Joel said you were too busy, but Sel and I, we both know the truth. You were Skeered :D

Dear Fans and Friends of Don S. Davis,

So many of you have been touched by not only the work and art of Don S. Davis, but by the man himself, who always took the time to be with you at the appearances he loved, that it is with a tremendous sense of loss I must share with you that Don passed away from a massive heart attack on Sunday morning, June 29th.

On behalf of his family and wife, Ruby, we thank you for your prayers and condolences. A family memorial where Don's ashes will be scattered in the ocean will take place in a few weeks, and should you wish to, please make a donation in lieu of flowers or gifts to the American Heart Association in Don's memory. At this time there is no official address for cards, should that be made available, I will send it along immediately.

Julie Caitlin Brown

SELMAK ROCKS!! ~ Don S. Davis, August 18, 2006.

June 29, 2008 ~ What's new?

is having some growing pains so they canceled the Kalamazoo Con. Tony was scheduled to appear there.

Tony is involved with the Antaeus Theater's Summer Classic series. Sel isn't sure which play he's in.

June 21, 2008 ~ What's new?

Tony ended up canceling Chevron 7, so that just left Carmen there. But apparently he was his usual charming self according to Sel's TopSecretSpies™. Naturally, if anyone got pics, Sel is willing to post them here. Just shoot her an email please.

Jumpcon has recently canceled several of its cons. None of Tony's appearances have been affected, but after the recent crash and burn of FedConUSA (ala the Hindenburg... 'Oh, the humanity!') Sel would recommend that you keep an eye out on their website to see if there are any further changes. Sel would also like to state for the two people that visit her website, Aaron Douglas (BSG) rocks!

Carmen's up on Ebay! Well a picture of him is along with a shirtless Cliff Simon.

If you're looking for more info on Carmen in Street Boss, click here.

Sel knows that she hasn't been updating the site alot recently (it IS hard to find info on 'Da Boys' but she's working on it, especially after she got an email from the only person that visits the site, 'I never doubt your wonderous stalking abilities . . . I mean your amazing ability to find information on these beloved artists ') but she crosses her flippers and promises to do better!

For the record, Sel doesn't stalk, she just doesn't have a life. You see, there's a difference... a small, minute difference, but still a difference. Oh yeah, we really do get more than 2 visitors here... as we're nearing our 100,000th visitor within the next few months. Sel's just being a snarky, sarcastic little symbiote.

June 10, 2008 ~ Don's working again!

Don's latest role is in the movie 1.8 days.

For the first time in what seems like years, Sel had someone write into Dear Sel, the only advice column run by the Oldest and Wisest of Us All.

Also many thanks to Elena, who told Sel to get her little symbiote ass in gear and start checking her links of yore. Sel has started cleaning up her various link pages as many of the sites have apparently disappeared into that great vast cyberspace. (Don't forget, if you find a broken link, feel free to tell Sel, else she'll have to go through all 600 pages of the site and that will take forever.)

May 30, 2008 ~ Don and Carmen are both working!

Sadly, Don had to cancel his appearance at Chevron7 as he's working a flick. I believe it's called Wyvern? Yes, it's from the same producers of Beyond Loch Ness, that fine piece of Cinéma-vérité that nearly made Sel's head go 'Splodey.

And Carmen was recently in Street Boss. There's a pic of Carmen there and also here.

Also, Sel would love to hear from anyone that went to TimeGateCon with Tony last weekend.

May 14, 2008 ~ Sel's got nothing new to report.

But she wanted to assure her faithful readers (all two of you) that she's still working on the site. She's been doing some cleanup behind the scenes, so the site has not been abandoned, there's just nothing new to report.

Her buddies at Stargate Israel have moved to a new url, so she'll post it here. It's in Hebrew though.

May 3, 2008 ~ Sel's latest.

Rumors have it that Garry's off his crutches, and is heading down south (Alabama? Mississippi?) to take part in a movie! Sel won't tell him to break a leg as well, that would be cruel, even for Selmak, Czar of Sarcasm.

Tony's movie, "Read You like a Book" is being released in June.

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