Carmen Argenziano ~ Screen Stills by Tony Beazley

Tony Beazley was kind enough to let Sel post these screen stills from the production, Against the Wall.

Tony's Bio was taken from his website.

Tony Beazley was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee and started his photography skills at the age of 7 using super 8 movie cameras, Polaroid swinger  and 110 Kodak instamatics. Tony took his first concert photo at the age of 9 of Elvis Presley in 1971. His interest continued into  high school working on the annual staff as photographer.

From there, Tony took photography classes at Nashville State Tech majoring in Photography and Video Production, graduating with high honors and moving on to starting his own photography and video business in 1993 with a lot of help from family and his close friend Betsy.

Whenever asked about his career the first words out of his mouth is that he owes his photography eye to teacher John Chastain at Nashville Tech. "There would be no photography department at Nashville Tech if it hadn't of been for John Chastain". 

Working for the American Diabetes Foundation as staff still photographer for the mid-state region for 3 years was Tony's first professional job, moving over to video for the United Cerebral Palsy Telethons for an overlapping 3 years shooting documentaries and music videos for nation wide television.

He has also shot over 200 wedding videos in his videographer career as well as award winning documentaries ,in which he continues today. Award winning docs such as “Dixie Rose” , "The American Biker" , "Glory Road" ,“The Mae Axton Story”and "Jukin' With Gene:  Frynds of Mine" have given him notoriety in the film and video industry.

Tony also worked on the John Frankenheimer directed “Against the Wall”  as an extra cast member and moving in to taken stills as unit still photographer for the NFVA.

"Letter From Death Row” starring Bret Michaels was a small independent feature Directed by Marvin Baker where Tony did all the PR photography and production stills for Michaels and Ann Gillis Productions.

Tony was unit still photographer and 1st video camera on “Dixie Rose” “Iron Outlaws: The American Biker” and "Glory Road" which were all produced by Centaur Productions. "The American Biker” has spawned into four separately titled television documentaries for Lifetime , American History, Travel Channel, PBS and HBO stations .    

These docs have been featured at film festival and won numerous awards through out the world. Check the links section for urls concerning these in Tony's links section.

Planet Hollywood hired Tony as their PR videographer in 1997 .This gave him ample opportunities to meet Hollywood actors and a lot of the Nashville based country music artist. He has compiled a very intensive stock library of those actors and country music artists up until Planet Hollywood closed their doors in 2001.

At the same time Tony was also working as chief photographer for Tennessee Monthly Magazine where he made front cover numerous times in those 3 years.

Tony Beazley is currently working on a documentary called "Lynyrd Skynyrd: The Anthology" which he is Director of Photography .

While filming this documentary with Director Rick Broyles they also filmed a two hour spin-off documentary/biography about Ronnie Van Zant lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd narrated by Gene Odom. This video featured Gene Odom who was a long time friend of Ronnie Van Zant. They both grew up together and were even on the same little league baseball team. Special appearance by Coach Leonard Skinner.  

This video is a marvelous piece of work. Titled "Jukin' With Gene:Frynds of Mine". Never has a video about Lynyrd Skynyrd been released to the public with so much information than this video right here. Stories that have never been made public are told by Gene himself on this DVD.You can read more about the video in detail at "Gene Odoms website" and hear a few audio clips from the video "Gene Odom audio clips".

Tony was kind enough to tell Sel what it was like to work with Carmen.

"I was working as a extra cast member for 4 weeks on "Against The Wall" directed by John Frankenheimer (who is my hero of directors) and on the last week I brought my Nikon out to do some stills for our film commission office. I got to have a nice lunch with Carmen and Tennessee Gov. McWherter and the Film Commissioner Dancy Jones. Carmen told a couple of jokes and then talked about a movie he had worked on. The guy is always chipper and smiling. I like being around people like that. It was an honor to work with such a great talented human being. I look forward to the next time."

Sel would like to thank Tony for allowing her to post these photos online.

These images are the property of Tony Beazley and are used with permission. Duplication is prohibited.


Against the Wall