Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

Look Bra'tac, do you think you could refrain from breaking my nose this time?

Do not tempt me, Hu-man.

Crossing that bridge.

Nice Family Photo.


Season 2 Family

I have to admit that I was really worried about Bra'tac in this episode. At no time did he mention that he was 134 years old. He usually mentions that at least three or four times in every episode.

But, Bra'tac enters the Cheyenne Mountain to tell the Big Guy that the Evil Snake Apophis has snakenapped his son, R'yac.

Snakenapped? ~ Jake

Yes, snakenapped. So naturally SG1 has to rescue him. It gets really exciting, Jake, and Bra'tac is in fine form. He's got that cape action going... the twinkle in his eye...that says he's having FUN.


Are you sick, Jake? Tell Mamma Sel all about it when she's done typing up the critique dear, and I'll fix it. Anyway, Bra'tac is just da bomb. They get into the palace, R'yac fights against them helping him, and so they have to make another effort to get him.

They've washed R'yac brain a few times. Uhmmm... Jake, could you explain to me how someone washes someone's brain? Do they use Clorox like I do when I have get your blood out of your little Tok'Ra fatigues? Speaking of which, you've pretty much blown your uniform allowance for the next century, Pookie.

It gets worse and worse. I just can't believe that it will get any worse and then it does.

That evil nasty Snake, Apophis has turned R'yac into a human bomb! That's the only reason why the Good Guys (tm) are allowed to escape with R'yac after a pretty lame firefight. The team keeps whining that it was far too easy, but the Big Guy isn't thinking straight because it's HIS fault that his family's in trouble and his best friend got zatted...


Yes, Jack zatted Fro'tac three times, so he's now a small pile of ashes. I hope they forgot to sweep him up so he ends up as a dust bunny in his next reincarnation.

Reincarnation? Does that mean I'm stuck with you for ANOTHER life?


Oh God, I'll be good. I swear.

What is that supposed to mean? Huh? Huh? Jacob Arthur Carter, you answer me right now! On the Double!