Sel Reviews Master Bra'tac

What can I say? But this was my favorite part of the episode.
I kept rewinding it and watching it over and over again.
Each time, I laughed harder and harder! Go Bra'tac! Go!

This time! Now in slow motion!

Look, Master Bra'tac, I'll cross that bridge
only if you promise to stop trying to break my nose.

Season 2 Serpent's Lair

In this episode, Bra'tac still doesn't have any respect for Jack O'Neill and the rest of SG-1. It's understandable, because when you're years older than someone, you have a tendency of looking at him like he's a punk kid.

Thanks, Selmak - Jake

No, I didn't mean that about you, Jake. You're ok, even if you are the baby. I mean both George and Bra'tac are older than you, so I've just got to keep a special eye on you to make sure you don't get hurt.

Everytime I think this can't get worse, it does.

Someone's getting a little fussy, do you need a nap?

Grrrrr... Prrrrrr......

Anyway, let's see if I can type one-handed while I scratch the back of Jacob's neck. It's kinda hard to do that, it's almost like patting his tummy and rubbing the bald spot on the back of George's head...err... Jake's head... at the same time.

Anyway, SG-1 ends up on Klorel's ship. They shoot him full of hot steamy lead, and they kill him. They're then captured, not realizing that Bra'tac is attempting to help the Tau'ri.

O'NEILL: Bra'tac?

Bra'tac lifts his arm and strikes Jack on the nose.

Bahahaha - Selmak

O'NEILL: Oh, God! I think he broke my nose.

BRA'TAC: Fools! Hashak! You doom yourselves. It is all I can do to keep you alive. Do you know all I have done to regain the trust of Apophis and join this campaign? Hmm? Hmm?

TEAL'C: Tek matte, Bra'tac.

BRA'TAC: Hello again, old friend. Your son grows strong. One day, he will be a great warrior. But you should not have come.

TEAL'C: I stand by my friends. I believe this world may be our only hope in one day overcoming the false gods.

BRA'TAC: Yes. As pathetic as that might seem at the moment, I agree.

DANIEL: You do?

BRA'TAC: I may have even been able to save this world had you not interfered.

Jack gets up.

O'NEILL: Hey! What do you think we've been trying to do? It is our world you're talking about.

BRA'TAC: Enough, human! This is not the place to talk of these things. I have been ordered by Apophis himself to execute you. An order I intend to disregard. Come!


Bra'tac smacking Jack seems to imply that he views Jack as a rather mouthy apprentice who needs to learn respect, to which I totally agree. Notice how polite Bra'tac is to Teal'c. Meanwhile back on Earth, George is dealing with a mouthy syncophant,

So good old George finally knows what I'm dealing with....on a daily basis... prrrrrr...

Pookie, I said mouthy syncophant NOT Symbiote! And I am NOT mouthy! I'm experienced! Learned! I'm trying to teach you!

Anyway George is having problems back at Cheyenne and SG-1 is in over their heads, as Bra'tac doesn't realize how technology backward Earth truly is. But on the positive side during this little misadventure, both Bra'tac and Jack are developing a true appreciation of the other's talents.

Bra'tac impressed Jack by his rather direct method of confrontation, and Jack earns a 'Not Bad' from Bra'tac on his rolling dive and shooting the bad guy move. Finally, the good guys are learning to work together. But Alas! Danny is shot and is dying, but determined to cover Jack's six.

I think I need a hanky as when I cry I get Jake's brain all mushy.


APOPHIS: Kree, jaffa!

BRA'TAC: Come. Come. Come!

TEAL'C: If you fire upon us, I will kill Klorel!

APOPHIS: Bra'tac, how dare you betray me?

BRA'TAC: I have spent 133 years worshipping false gods. No more!

I noticed two things about Bra'tac in this scene. First that cute little cape action was going on, and secondly, he had to mention that he's 133 years old. I'm so glad Jacob doesn't constantly mention how old he is. The worse he ever does is the rare "I'm only @#$@# years old, I don't wanna die."


After demonstrating usage of the different culture's grenades and deciding which one is better suited for each incident, our heroes escape to the Gliders. The two motherships blow up, but our heroes are in badly damaged gliders, but Earth is saved!


George and Bra'tac finally meet, and Bra'tac makes that cute little gesture that means "BALD" when he is introduced to Hammond of Texas. Grudgingly, Bra'tac offers some compliments on George's people.

HAMMOND: Master Bra'tac. Words cannot express our gratitude.

BRA'TAC: You are Hammond, of Texas?


BRA'TAC: Your warriors serve you well.

Then the spacemonkey shows up, Daniel Jackson is alive!