Don's Art


Sel asked Matilda the Zombie Queen (who wasn't in Episode "200" so don't even bother asking) where she acquired this piece.

Matilda was kind enough to answer Sel.

"Let's see . . . about 2 years ago, I was looking for Christmas gifts for my husband and I came across a website about Don's artwork. We both love him, so I thought a piece would be perfect. But the website seemed to be abandoned. Nonetheless, I sent an e-mail to what I thought was Don's assistant asking if he still sold his work anywhere. After the new year, I got a very gracious e-mail fron Don himself apologizing for the long delay and saying that place called Calloway Framing in Vancouver was going to be handling his work, but their website wasn't yet up."

"When it was up and running, I was able to get "Lighthouse," which was the one I had in mind for my husband, and I also saw "The Gate" and another very much in the same style called, I think, "Nightflowers." I couldn't afford all three, but I loved The Gate so much that I splurged on it (and since I've never seen Nightflowers again, I will always regret not having snapped it up, too). "





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