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He grew up drawing, painting, and creating sculptural constructions. When Don was a small boy his father, M.T. Davis, owned a lumberyard and supported Don's interests by setting up a functional woodworking shop for his son's use in the basement of the family home. He also took the time to teach Don to whittle and carve wood. The constant positive encouragement of Don's creative endeavours by his family made it a natural progression for Don to continue to be vitally interested in creating paintings, drawings, carvings and design projects as he grew into adulthood. As a result, Don spent nearly twenty years applying and developing all those interests while earning his living as a collegiate scene designer and augmenting his income with art sales and various design commissions.

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Some people wrote in and requested more info on Don's artwork. He was kind enough to respond.

The art work is of a variety of sizes ranging from approximately 10"x15" to 30"x60". Paintings currently scanned were originally done in acrylics, but I also work in watercolor and oils. Some of the paintings were done on illustration board, and others on canvas. The black and white drawings were drawn in pen & ink on heavy weight illustration board. ~ Don

Don and his artwork at SG-3.
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Don's Art

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Water Falls

Light House




Reclining Nude

Standing female





Praying Female




The Gate
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