Don S. Davis ~ The Outer Limits
In Voice of Reason, Gordon Clapp tries to convince a committee which includes Don Davis as General Callahan that Space Aliens are among us and are planning world domination. Making a brief flash back appearance is Beau Bridges, General Hank, with some seriously intense hair.
The General enters the meeting
Thinks Gordon's character is nuts.
Tries to be polite
But after one too many derogatory comments
About methane-sucking space aliens, he's had enough.
Voice of Reason
As he's a card-carrying member of the
Methane Swilling Aliens taking over Earth Club
who just happens to be impersonating a General.
Yup - that's Beau Bridges! As a scientist, he deals with the Alien Space Larvae that are colonizing the word ~ which are different aliens than the methane swilling space aliens.

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