Don S. Davis ~ The Outer Limits
In Living Hell, Don portrays a detective who deals with a man (Sam Robards) who claims to see visions of murdered woman after a computer chip is implanted in his head. Useless Stargate Trivia ~ Sam Robards portrayed Chief Gary Hammond in the short lived summer series, Maximum Bob starring... Beau Bridges! [Yeah - Beau - he's that Major General guy at the SGC that replaced General Jack-Jack]
Just another day at the office
So you've got a computer chip in your head?
And you see Dead People?
Give me a break.
What do you think this is?
The Twilight Zone?
Living Hell
Wonders why he gets all the nuts.
So you DO have a computer chip in your head.
Does that mean you can play freecell in your mind?
Does the mandatory Stakeout.
Looks intense.
That's messy. I hope you got the three year extended warranty on him.
Ma'am, I'm afraid your boyfriend with the computer chip in his head...
is FUBAR'd.
I think he should have kept his anti-viral software updated.

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