Don S. Davis ~ The Artist Circle

Michael Shanks portrays an artist. Don is an art critic who comments on Michael's project which consists of wooden poles being hammered into the ground. Among other things, Don's character trips over the poles, comments insistently on what the poles 'really means', meets up with a disliked fellow art critic, whose wife apparently misses the 'Old' Don character as once upon a time he was full of hope and vigor. Oh, apparently a hell of a lot of vigor as she comments about their love child. Don's characters flees from that comment while his son (?) tells his mother that she put it on a little too thick. The last pole is placed and then Michael's character walks off, leaving everyone literal captives inside the circle of wooden poles. An apt commentary on how some people get so focus on analyzing something that they fail to enjoy it by creating their own jails.

While the artist is banging away ~
two critics begin discussing what he's doing.
The Side kick & Edgar McGee
Waxing poetically over a wooden pole
The sidekick is unsuccessful in keeping his lighter lit.
Like magic, the waiter shows up with a drink.
Mesmerized by the pole.
Edgar doesn't realize that the Professor
has arrived.
They are long time acquaintances.
Fierce rivals.
In both the professional and private realms.


Distracted by his rival's arrival, he falls and trips.
While fickle opportunity slips through his hands.
I knew a man once ~
his life was full of dreams.
Edgar, we could start a new life together, You, me... our dreams... and
Our little redheaded love child. (GASP ~ Sel).
Hi Dad ~ Little Redheaded Love Child.
Edgar runs for the hills , escaping from his little redheaded love child
& his mamma.
The Sidekick has achieved what Edgar desired most, and the last pole is placed.
The Artist then hammers the last pole in place.
The critics are literally physically imprisoned.
The Artist's spark of creativity is lit
unlike the Sidekick's which can not be re-ignited.
As for the red balloon that Edgar's little redheaded love child is holding - Sel wonders if it's a reference to that classical movie The Red Balloon, directed by Albert Lamorisse?


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