Master Bra'tac ~ a Brief Bio

Bra'tac is a Jaffa Master, former First Prime of Apophis and Klorel. He is known to many as the greatest of Jaffa warriors. Bra'tac's home is Chulak and his own father was once a warrior of Apophis. At a young age his father had begun to sow seeds of doubt in Bra'tac's mind as to if the Goa'uld were really all powerful gods. Thus fueling Bra'tac's rebellion against them.

Bra'tac first met Teal'c when he was just a boy. Teal'c's father had been unjustly executed by the System Lord Cronus for failing to win an impossible battle. Cronus then banished Teal'c and his mother to Chulak. Bra'tac was Teal'c's first teacher and came to be like a father to him. During that time Bra'tac began to sew seeds of doubt in Teal'c just as his father had once done for him. It was Bra'tac's hope that by the time Teal'c became First Prime he would be convinced that the Goa'uld were not gods, and that this realization would move him to soften the hand of Apophis when he could. Teal'c did this and even went a step further by openly rebelling against Apophis and turning on his own fellow Jaffa to save SG-1 from execution.

Bra'tac was 133 years old when Teal'c rebelled and left Chulak to join SG-1. Almost a year later it was his turn to openly oppose the Goa'uld. Apophis and Klorel had plans to attack earth and Bra'tac helped thwart the attack. On several occasions Bra'tac has assisted SG-1, gaining their trust and learning to trust them in return.

Seven years have passed and Bra'tac is now 140 years old. Teal'c's son, Rya'c, is his new apprentice and he helps Bra'tac spread the word of their cause. Both he and Teal'c no longer carry a symbiote but instead rely on a drug called tretonin to help them stay alive and healthy. Bra'tac has become an important leader in the Jaffa fight for freedom and an important ally to the SGC.

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